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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Told Ya, Took a bit ....


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Many whore woes ahead ...

So as Donald "Baby Fart" Trumps World.
Continues to fall apart.
The latest being Macy's dumping him.
Now watch as the stories of him stealing his friends wives and mistress's.
How he will screw anything that moves.
Those that have been afraid to speak against him in the past. Are lining up to to spill the beans.
The Trump Family,
 make the Kardashians,
 look like a convent of Nuns.


Norah Black said...

Has he also distributed V.D. to some women? Also, do you see that former 13 year old girl getting any justice for being raped by him? Do tell.....

Anonymous said...

I am loving the month of October because it has brought in the Karma for Ttump!
I can't wait to hear more accusations against him! He thought nothing could touch him, well karma did! Lol

Frugal and Fabulous said...

wonder if his daughter ivanka will continue to say how much her dad is for women now as that seems to be her talking point

Anonymous said...

Something he and HillBilly have in common...

Anonymous said...

This is the negative Saturn transit that Trump is now going through. The negativity will get worse regarding the way he treated women. Saturn is about Karma. So right is Astrology. And Christian is once again spot on with his prediction.

Anonymous said...

Trump is done! Put a fork in him he is done!
The next President of the United States is Hillary Clinton!!!

T. W. said...

Trump said to grab women by their private parts. Such a gentleman.

Anonymous said...

You predicted this a long time ago Christian and said even his family would be ashamed of him. Do you see Billy Bush being let go from the Today show?

Maria said...

Agree Anon 9:42!!

I am loving October surprises in America! I should have felt angry and offended yesterday but I was too busy laughing. Felt like dancing too.


Common Sense said...

Hillbilly, ha ha! Good one!

I expect that CD will be posting in the near future that Trump will be getting a divorce!

Anonymous said...

Melania wore a pussy bow pantsuit to the St. Louis debate. Lolz!

Anonymous said...

Common Sense, Melania refused to join him in his "sort of apology" video taping. She also wore a red pantsuit ala Hillary. She had only been married to him three months when he made the lewd comments to Billy Bush. Maybe Ivana has some good advice for her and she can be free of this elderly man. She should marry someone younger who can be more of a dad to Baron.

Tiffany Trump turned her face away when Trump tried to kiss her. There are so many people volunteering the 5 million dollar demand by Mark Burnett that the tapes should be coming down the pike.

There's a youtube video of Trump talking about his hopes that Ivanka has a good sized rack when she matures, and he discusses her legs. She was an infant at the time!

If he is defeated, he can always pull a Bernie Sanders and repudiate the party and go independent. He could take some fine revenge on the Republican party in the 2020 election.

Common Sense said...

Interesting. I think Melania is embarrassed and angry with Trump, as any wife would be. She did not look too happy at the last debate, and the thing I noticed most was she was wearing a ton of eye makeup. Perhaps to cover up the puffy eyes from crying?

Ivanka Trump got breast implants at a young age. Her parents had to give approval before she could have the surgery.

Anonymous said...

The fact that she felt under the gun to have big breasts before she was fully mature and able to take full responsibility for her decision, instead of having parental permission, is psychologically odd. Must have been some intense pressure to be perfect applied to her.

Hmm...wonder who would have done that to her.....

Common Sense said...

She was modelling professionally back then and wanted to get the implants to get more jobs. You have to admit she looks fantastic today.