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Freedom for Cuba

As the World celebrates the death of Fidel Castro.
I can't help but wonder ?
If the "Election" of  Donald "BabyFart" Trump.
Wasn't the thing that pushed him over the edge.
Even he couldn't handle the thought of an even worse monster, 
coming to power...


Anonymous said…
Castro caused me a ton of anxiety as a child. We were taught the useless "duck and cover" for when America was nuclear bombed, were taught which house in the neighborhood to run to for a fallout shelter.

Meanwhile, our government jacked up nuclear bomb testing. I dont know whose idiot idea it was to test in the West, but the air currents took the fallout and Strontium 90 across the country. If they had tested those hundreds of times on barrier islands off the East coast, it would have swept into the Atlantic. Guess our lives werent as valuable as a lobsters or a cod.

Thanks for all the cancer, idiot military and Castro.
Anonymous said…
CD please gives an update on Trumps future.
Anonymous said…
cd please give us update on cubas future now that he gone... or the people of cubas lives to change for better in near futureÉ get into modern times slowly.. or when maybe..

I cant see how any person in cuba or canada or mexico can think trump will be its neighbor and carry a neighborly or helping hand relationship..

I cant see trump helping cubans, i cant see trump helping mexico etc

i know you said he dose not get key to white house but in the mean time can current president help cuba now before trump in..

T. W. said…
Wow. He was distraught to the point that he died. That's messed up.
Anonymous said…
I mourn Castro's death for his loved ones and the people of Cuba who may now be at the peril of the US.
Anonymous said…
"Japanese citizens being told to take shelter in the nearest shopping mall if a nuclear attack happens, as North Korea threatens them with nuclear war."

WWDTD? (What Will Donald Trump Do?) My guess, go hide in a hotel while he leaves Ivanka and her husband to deal with it.


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