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Monday, January 11, 2016

Tough times ahead ..

Germanys Leader Angela Merkel.
Needs to "Beef" up her security.
Plans are a foot to do her great harm.


Gemstone77 said…
So much unrest at the moment, it is really getting quite worrying. Just had news in the UK, the Government has been defeated over its plans to trigger Article 50. CD, is there any insight into what is going to happen with this. I'm concerned this is going to lead to a lot of public outcry and anger over here.
LA-GB said…
My auntie lives in Germany and she is scared of whats going on. A friend said many areas are no-go zones. Depends if you think us in the West are due are karma or whether we should choose to work smarter, better, safer and kinder...but not weak!

Migrants should be encouraged to migrant back to their own counties and culture, where raping, abuse and violence is commonplace and accepted as a mans right..they have been behaving like this for centuries........we should be using international aid money better, refugees should be helped away from their war torn countries, but typically in the most stable country closest to the one that is unsafe.
T. W. said…
This saddens me. People leave their country for a better life but some bring their problems with them, making all immigrants look bad.
Anonymous said…
I hope nothing happens to her!
Anonymous said…
I agree with LA GB.

I you travel to anywhere, you take 'you' with you, and your attitudes and outlook manifest in your new home. It's often what you thought you were running away from, but it was a product of your own thoughts and actions. This happens on huge collective scales too. The postwar idea of refugees assumed that the individuals concerned didn't share the ideology of whatever regime they were trying to escape, that they would be co-operative and responsible at the destination, grateful for a new life.

Now, the migrants are people not fleeing a regime that's alien to their values but the manifestation of their own cultural mindset (even if the shameful oil wars hadn't happened, this situation would still exist.)

The 'colonial' excuse doesn't hold anymore. Lots of colonies have shaped their post independence form pretty well according to their collective values and mindset. What's happened across the Middle East and much of Africa is simply the manifestation of ideologies and mindsets that are now flooding in and forming new colonies and replicating the same squalor and violence.

I think many people realise now, after the events of the last year or two, that no amount of money helps people unless there is a change in the collective consciousness of that place too. People's hearts have hardened because the propaganda has been so dishonest, and the sheer aggressive entitlement, lawlessness, ideological hostility and misogyny on such a scale is not what the post war 'refugee' model was intended for.

Merkel has so much to answer for after last year. Even when narcissism tries to do good, it's so blind it only wreaks further havoc. That's the root difference between 'do-gooding' and helping. I live somewhere with a lot of this and it's genuinely depressing seeing civil society degrade into squalor and violence in places I used to love.

Sorry and thanks for allowing me to rant. I have to go hoover now.
Anonymous said…
Angela Merkel's open arms policy was unmanageable. Germany, and Europe, may never recover.
Anonymous said…
LA GB, you made sense to me. wisdom helping me understand humbly the balance of "do- gooding" & helping. Jesus & fish parable comes to mind, Take care, be caring.
Anonymous said…
Something that occurred to me: the sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons, even unto the third or fourth generation.

Generations ago, millions and millions of innocent people were targeted for death by the German leadership because they were Jewish, and supposedly a threat to the Fatherland.

Now, the German leadership has practiced christian charity, and because of it, their people and their way of life are genuinely being threatened, by a different religious group.

Anonymous said…
@ Anon 5.46 pm:

You're right, it's a classic case of overcompensation, ending up with a repeat of the cycle. There was a heartsinking irony about it, German leader takes unilateral action - to be nice! - plunges Europe into crisis again...
Anonymous said…
9:42--(from 5:46) If I lived in Germany, I would be wondering if now is the time to get out, much like Jews did in the 1930's.

I want to add something succinct and hopeful to this, but I can't come up with anything.

Anonymous said…
I live in Germany and I agree with Anon at 9.18pm.
The world still hates us what a man and his ppl did 75 years ago. None of the Germans today were involved. But still pay a high price because the world is not able to forgive. It's our fate. We can't people give an order to love and accept us and to forgive. They had to do it themselves. Like Jesus did.
And people should look in the mirror and see that EACH country has his own dictator and blood path in their history. Who throw the 2 bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Look at Cesar and the Greeks. The English nations when they all murdered lots of people? And many more.
None should throw with stones at others. It doesn't matter how many people died. The reason that it happened is the key for freedom. If people have peace in their heart and mind there is no reason for fighting and wars. A peaceful person only lives in the moment and only needs things for existence like food ,home and love. Nothing more.
People should work on themselves and then the world is able to change. You have first to find peace in yourself. A peaceful person has no intention to fight. Peace isn't in the outside of you.
Anonymous said…
And if we run from our country it would nothing change as Anon 9.18pm said. You took your package with you. It doesn't matter were you are.
Anonymous said…
11:23, my mother was a German who married an American soldier and came here. She loved being an American. She was a hairstylist for 65 years, and worked with a middle-class American clientele everyday until she was in her 90's.

As for the world hating the Germans, on the contrary, you have been admired for your work ethic, your industries, your stable economy, the beauty of your country, and the healthy adjustments made in your society after the war. Germany is the leader in automobile technology and luxury. You are known as an educated, robust people, who have consistently stayed out of the war theater since WWII.

I notice this because I am watchful about Germany in the news, because of my mother and her heritage. Since WWII, much forgiveness has been given and been received by all involved, or we would still be bitter enemies. America's relationship to both Japan and Germany has been strong and mutually friendly.

You would be welcomed here. I would love to have you as a friend.
Anonymous said…
11.23, you're right in much of your post, but I have to agree with the later poster about how the world sees Germany. More than any country, Germans have collectively faced their darkness and had become one of the most liked and admired countries on earth (again). The people really turned things around in postwar years. Most groups/nations don't acknowledge their own potential for evil or the darkness in their own history. It is to Germans' collective credit that they made that shift, and it makes the present blunders all the sadder to watch. The welcome to refugees was genuine and heartfelt. The only mistake was naivety I think. Any general anger is aimed directly at Merkel, not the people themselves.
Anonymous said…
Thank you both for your warm and kind answers. Yes I'm grateful and I hope people will change for peace. Thanks for the welcome. One day I hope to visit your country.

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