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Not my words .but interesting

Trump Says Freedom of the Press Must Go Because He’s ‘Not Like Other People’

“With me, they’re not protected, because I’m not like other people...We’re gonna...have people sue you like you never get sued before.
Let’s look at his argument. As a reminder, the First Amendment reads, in its entirety:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Yet here is what Trump claimed:
“One of the things I’m gonna do, and this is only gonna make it tougher for me, and I’ve never said this before, but one of the things I’m gonna do if I win… is I’m gonna open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money. We’re gonna open up those libel laws.
“With me, they’re not protected, because I’m not like other people…We’re gonna open up those libel laws, folks, and we’re gonna have people sue you like you never get sued before.”

“I’m not like other people.” Actually, the United States Constitution says you are exactly like other people, because under the Constitution, we are all equal before the law. There is no Donald Trump Exception clause anywhere to be found. Even the Founding Fathers had to take their lumps from their critics.

Let’s not forget that this is the same Donald Trump who said in January“I feel very strongly about our constitution. I’m proud of it. I love it.”
He loves it enough to say it doesn’t apply to him.
But we get where he is coming from – the political milieu of fascism. Fascist dictators – even wannabe fascist dictators – cannot abide criticism.
What is both interesting and terrifying is that Trump thinks as president he will have the power to simply negate parts of the United States Constitution he doesn’t like, as though the presidency bestows those powers. It does not. The Constitution is notoriously difficult to amend, and the process is not accomplished by one man’s stroke of the pen.
In fact, in his lack of knowledge of how government works, he ranks right up there with such luminaries as Sarah Palin. 
The truth is, Trump has no clue how the U.S. government works, which is why he wants a political insider as VP. He needs somebody to serve as his cheat sheet, a sort of living Dummy’s Guide.
Well, he has a lot of dummies to choose from. These guys can’t even figure out how the legislative branch works, let alone guiding the president through the intricacies of the executive.
This is America under Trump. A land where Trump trumps all, because he’s “not like other people.” He is so special that the very foundations of American democracy must give way before him.
And this is the guy who complains Obama’s executive orders are in violation of the Constitution. I think we’ve taken both the measure of the man and of his followers through his words and their


Anonymous said…
It just is not going to work with Trump and too problematic with Hillary.
Christian:what is free speech?you have a high value speech and speech minus:this us low value speech.This speech minus us not protectec.So libel, defamations, lies,..are speech minus and they are not protected.This is constitutional law.
I had US constitutional law and also german constitutional law.
Libel, defamations:that is criminal law.This not protected.
Facism:Obamas, Clintons, USA police have this problem:if you look at jihad from AlKaida:this is the same like the chapter of Job in the Bible.Look at the first speech of Bildad:former age.
This is connected with fascism.This person lives in USA and the whole USA police, Obamas, Clintobs gave problems with fascism.
Trump with his opinion about libel is OK:speech minus is nit protected.Fascism:I will explain that,I have german origin and this person with "fascism style"lives in USA.It is not about Mr.Trump.
T. W. said…
Hi Monika. I see English is not your first language and it is difficult to follow what you are saying.

You are correct about libel, slander, and defamation not being protected free speech. Unfortunately, this can be hard to prove. You have to prove the person who said or wrote these things new they were lying. The person can come to court and tell the judge they believed the things they said and wrote were true at the time they said and wrote it.

Also, speech that incites violence is not protected. So if I said someone please kill Donald Trump and this happens I can be prosecuted. That is why I am not going to tell someone to kill Donald Trump no matter how I feel. He is not worth me going to jail.
Christian:equal:if Mr.Trump said that there is a problem with libel:yes:there is.As I wrote it us spech minus:not pretected by constitution.If you read the chapter of Job:second speech of Elihu:"who is drinkingscirning like a water":it is mentioned there.So USA has a big problem with defamations, libel, primitive journalist like Anna Wintour:with libel,lies.And because of that USA has a big problem with moslems.
Mr.Trump is a very smart man.Obama and Clintons have jihad everywhere.And this is constitutional law.
Anonymous said…
If trumps tries to silence the American people he will end being silenced for good! Can you say President Pence!
Anonymous said…
We don't want a President Trump or President Pence. Clinton won the popular vote.
Genie said…
He's man child. This is the first time I've had such a bad feeling about a president...(president-elect).
TW:it is not so hard to prove.I must say:I had islamic law in Germany, too.So I wrote that jihad is the same like the chapter of Job in the Bible.This people with that religious philosophies like from the chapter of Job are living in USA.They are from USA showbisnis.One person that is connected to this is Anna Wintour.She made a "style" of Bundchen. There are lies,defamations,libel,diagnoses.She worked without talking.An journalist must talk.There are also law rules that she can not work without talking.
Her work is primitive.I contacted her brother from The Guardian about that lies, defamations.I have that Emails.I also asked the Court in Washington for that documents:they are classified.What I can say:there is the freedom of religion:moslems can have jihad.Than there is that speech minus:so due to the constitutional law they can have jihad.Due to the islamic law:they can have jihad.So there is not any military solution to jihad.I have this Emails and I want this documents from Washington.I can prove that then.So Obamas and Clintons work was very bad.Because there is speech minus.And look at that chapter of Job:second speech of Elihu:Anna Wintour, Obamas,Clintons have a problem with that libel,defamations which are mentioned there.It is very dangerous.I think it is very smart from Mr.Trump with libel.
TW:To the freedom of speech:I have this Emails.I want to have that also from Washington.
And I invited psychologist,psychiatrist.There will not be any freedom of speech.
I think Mr.Trump is smart.Obama,Clintons:because of that lies,defamations,diagnoses they have jihad everywhere.I see people which would like to have career but are too stupid for to have career.I saw Mr.Flynn from Mr.Trump team.He told that islam not a religion:it is more.And thatClinton is criminal.I can tell you:moslems can have jihad due to the islamic law and due to the constitutional law.It is criminal.It is criminal:Clintons,Obamas,US police:there is a very bad work and no dignity.This is the problem.
TW:yes:there is this speech that incites violence:I will write more.
I am waiting for my documents.
Anonymous said…
Enough now. You don't make any sense I'm afraid.
Anonymous said…
Hi CD! I remember when Trump made these threats against the media during the campaign. It would not surprise me at all if he "tries" to enact some new laws irregardless of the Constitution. He's right...he definitely isn't like the rest of us and kind of lives in his own little world. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that he is now the President-elect and is choosing to spend/serve his time twittering all day and night over ridiculous issues. It's kind of pathetic if you think about it.
Anonymous said…
We all want Clinton but that is not going to happen! We got Trump and Pence that is the reality!
Pence is still more presidential than trump.
Anonymous said…
CD please gives us more predictions on Ttump presidency
T. W. said…
Ok. You said Trump lied by saying Islam is not a religion and can be sued for slander. If he honestly believes Islam is not a religion, he will win. You have to prove the person knowingly lied at the time the lied was told. Not always easy.
T. W. said…
I say let him talk. He shows how incompetent He is by talking. He will say the wrong thing and that will keep him out of office. Let's hope.
cecilia bryant said…
Was Trump molestated by his father CD?
cecilia bryant said…
Spelling Correction: *molested
Anonymous said…
If the real history was told we would not have racecas issue. Although there would be issues but no longer lies. As for trump censoring the media isn't that what they say communist countries do. He is interfering and yet attacked Obama and is getting a taste. But doesn't like it, his bully boy tactics ste a problem.
Anonymous said…
Monika, you have found a free-range home.

Anonymous said…

That was well written CD.
Small fyi here... Kanye West went nutters. He was placed on a psychiatric hold today. Sometime I wonder if he does this stuff and if the France robbery was planned to stay relevant or in the media. Maybe this is all fake with kims robbery and now his mental problem with being evaluated today. I believe some time ago a psychic or maybe CD predicted he may go crazy but I wonder if this is all true... Kims Robbery in France and Now Kanye getting psych Help today ?

Please shed light on Kanyes mental health and if true is there a divorce soon to come or will Kim help him and stay married to him?
TW:no.I wrote you about the first part:religion.I wrote that there are people with philosophies like from the chapter of Job in USA.Because of the freedom of religion moslems can have jihad.Than I can rove that there are lies, defamations, diagnoses, speech that incites violence.Speech minus.Obamas,Clintons,US police,:they can not win.
There is tne freedom of religion and speech minus:USA has jihad everywhere.That are Clintons,Soros,Obamas,FBI,...
The feedom of speech:if police or journalist can not speek:it is primitive.I can prove that they knowingly lied and worked primitive.I can prove that they lied also because of their bad moral.I will do that.
Anonymous said…
Gee whiz, I was so taken with the multitude of Monika's comments that I totally lost the focus of the thread, which is Trump suing the pants off people.

This makes no sense. All he has to do is have Monika as the chief of Newspapers, Television and Media. She could handily bury these libels under a blizzard of classic Oberfranz commentary, and make these libels against Trump disappear from the brains of people who read them.

A living example,
Maria said…
When does it effing end with this guy?? When is he going to be slammed in the face by karma for his lifelong disgusting behavior, beliefs and massive ego? I'm tired of seeing him railroad his way through life and getting what he wants! Now he's the president? NO
Anonymous said…
The universe has an energy of its own. Trump may not coincide with his slanderous remarks and his term may be of brevity!
Anonymous said…
I can't imagine a worse year than 2016 in general terms but Trump gives me such a bad vibe. I have the feeling that rich people will still be richer and poor people will be poorer and marginalized so, it's gonna end badly because how much could people endure?
HRH:you can have good journalist and bad journalist.Defamations, libel, lies, diagnoses, poor moral:that are not rights.That are not constitutional rights.That us criminal law.So Mr.Trump is smart.
Anna Wintour, USA police,Obamas,Clintons have big problems with lies, defamations, diagnoses.
Anonymous said…
I think we dodged a bullet guys. Maybe the right candidate won after all. Pizzagate. Now this?
auntliddy said…
Trump is right. He sure isnt like other people. Do not try to control the press, trump, they will turn on you like a viper.
Anonymous said…
Idiots on the right already trying to take credit for upswing of markets. Um no. The market crashed as soon as dope "won" the election. They will continue to crash once this moron take office, unemployment will sky rocket again and no jobs will not be gained. Idiots will bankrupt the country and add to the deficit by cutting taxes on the rich and sucking off of working poor and middle class. Stupid conservative Republicans better wake the Fk up!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 12:51PM. I hate to break it to your dumb ass, but that is a fake news story and has been debunked. Go share your nasty propaganda with your own kind, ok loser.
Anonymous said…
Pizzagate is a false flag to deflect from Trump's quest to destroy our constitutional rights. No one could run two pizza parlors with child porn pictures on the walls and children served up to order when someone says "Walnuts" and it not be busted super quick.

It's crazy to think this could go on without ANYONE taking pictures and turning them into the FBI. People would be seeing these pizza parlors, and think "I'm hungry", and go in and see this? Someone who wandered in would have had the local news there stat.

Don't be fooled by the increasingly stupid crap The Powers That Be expect us to think is real. It's already reached mind-blowing levels of craziness because they are running out of "scandals" to take our attention off Trump and his cohorts.

Your friend, HRH
Anonymous said…

Dear Christian,

You are more than welcome in Australia...although its not perfect here either.

Let me know and I will start clearing out the spare room.

Love and light,

Miss Fiona x

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