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Putin awaits ...


So as Donald "Babyfart" Trump.
Heads into the final stretch of this election.
He appears to be doing as he has been told.
By his "TEAM" to behave.
Well, don't worry.
He's not going to be able to do so.
He's going to go so far off the reservation.
That quitter Sarah Plain in Alaska.
Will be in charge of finding, Trump.
Hint Sarah, look out of your kitchen widow.


T. W. said…
Trump headed to Russia. Well then, they can have him.
Anonymous said…
Let's hope this happens soon. We vote on Tuesday
Anonymous said…
Omg, he is so conceited as to think there could be a first lady of porn in the white house.

But like you said he brings out the crazies.
Anonymous said…
Hilary Clinton voted to invade Iraq in 2003. You think their won't be a war if she is president. Michelle Obama made a speech in 2008 saying Hilary is unfit to be president. I trust Michelle Obama's wisdom. Neither Trump nor Clinton is fit to be president.
Anonymous said…
This idiot Trump seems to be able to do and say anything and he is still competitive in the polls!
Anonymous said…
I have an Independent in the family, and have had three phone calls last week, from the Trump family, to go to a Trump rally. I had one to see Bill Clinton too (he was here today). I live in Colorado and we are being bombarded with Trump phone calls, ads on TV, and billboards.

Will be happy when this is over, and Hillary is President.


Anonymous said…
To Anon:

You are aware that both Michelle and Barack have endorsed Clinton for 2016? They have both already appeared at rallies (and will appear at more) and made speeches detailing why Clinton should BE the next commander in chief.

I don't trust your wisdom.

I think you're willfully being obtuse and ignorant about Clinton so you don't have to actually engage in any common sense.

Kiss the Fattest Cheek of my Black Behind
Anonymous said…
12:35, Us nasty wimmen gonna vote Hillary. Smell the Vagina!

Did y'all realize that FBI republican James Comey is the one who prosecuted Martha Stewart and sent her to jail? Comey must have joined the Our Gang "Woman Haters Club" when he was a boy.

Anonymous said…
Let's see if this happens:
Vedic astrologer Gurmeet Singh:
According to me Donald Trump's difficult time will start November 5th evening. Trump will make some mistake on November 6th and 7th, that will cost him this election. Hillary Clinton's time will improve November 6th evening. In my opinion the voter turnout for Clinton will be much higher on the election day. My prediction has not changed. Hillary Clinton will win for sure, but it may be a close election.
Anonymous said…
From Sports Illustrated online:
Could the winner of Game 7 of the World Series help predict which candidate will win the presidential election? Based on history, this appears to be the case.

When the World Series is decided in seven games in a presidential election year, the league that wins correlates to the political party that wins the White House.

When the American League wins Game 7 in an election year, the Republican nominee wins the White House. When the National League wins, the Democratic nominee wins.

Sorry, Frugal and Fabulous, but you had to take one for Team Hillary.
You'll get the championship next time!

Anonymous said…
At anon 12:35am Nov. 5th....

There will be war regardless of the president that's what u fail to see. Good president bad president there will be war. This year 20 years from now.. war, it doesn't matter. Look beyond it. I could be wrong on the 20 years I'm not psychic lol. But war regardless. Develynquinn
Anonymous said…
What worries me is that a certain communist leader that is allegedly meddling in the election on behalf of Trump will someone manage to sabotage the election so that Trump will "appear" to be the winner. CD-Could that happen? I've been getting a really "bad/heavy" feeling lately and usually when that happens it means something "heavy" is getting ready to hit the fan in the world.
Anonymous said…
Clinton voters haven't paid attention to WikiLeaks lately.
Anonymous said…
Will Putin start nuclear war?
Anonymous said…
Clinton voters haven't paid attention to WikiLeaks because it is run by a tired old rapist.

Ecuador is about to have their own change of regime, and it is a good bet Assange has to move along. And nobody wants him, not even Russia.

WikiLeaks was outed as tampering with their "leaks" and changing them to whatever fit the Trump agenda. Tired old rapist Assange is going to need that Trump money when the free ride at the embassy is over.

Miles Sandwich
Common Sense said…
There was a quote from some billionaire in this month's Forbes magazine regarding the upcoming election:

Do I vote for cancer or a heart attack? Why would I choose either?

(That said, you still gotta get out and vote... Hillary. And not because she is a woman.)
Anonymous said…
Another CD told ya:
Headline on MSN: Trump veers off script at Fla. rally

"Throughout the rally, Trump repeatedly ignored his teleprompter and went on off-script rants, espousing a number of baseless, debunked and bizarre claims."

"Oh I love those signs, 'Blacks for Trump,'" he said, referencing another sign held high by an audience member. On the flip side of that sign was a message that read, "Hillary will start World War 3" and included a URL that led to a bizarre website claiming that Clinton wants to kill every black woman in America.

Anonymous said…
My young neighbors stopped by with their babies. They are headed to the polls to vote, and are Republicans---Voting for Hillary! They said Trump sickened them with his vulgarity and that he was crazy.

Anonymous said…
1:50, I mentioned to my hubby that there hasn't been any big earthquakes lately. Today there was a 6.4 in Chile. Hope it doesn't start a chain reaction in the ring of fire.

Anonymous said…
LOLOLOL! Love Trump as the Grinch image! That's funny as hell and fitting!
yes anon, we will win the world series within 4 years...just putting that out there now, hear me Universe? thanks! :-) lol
Anonymous said…
Frugal, putting it out into the Universe that the Indians win it before 2020 (which is another election year).

Lol, HRH
Anonymous said…
Russia has not been communist since the 90s.
Anonymous said…
Trump is Putin's bitch.
Common Sense said…
Correction (as Bill Mayer would say):

Trump is Putin's whiny little bitch.

auntliddy said…
Agree. Wiki leaks are bullshit.

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