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TOLD Ya.. 4 years in the making

Now that this monster is in HELL.
We await to find out that he had a close call in 2012.
But the Devil finally got them.
A lovely "TOLD YA"

Friday, December 30, 2011

Predictions 2012

The Futurist’s
Predictions for 2012

(Completed 21 st Dec 2011)

26. CUBA There’s an event in Cuba in 2012, which will cause great concern at first, then great celebration.


Anonymous said…
Cuba is freed from a dictator while America gains one!

Heres how much he is going to increase your taxes. Middle class single parent of two kids, $2,440 more you pay each year. Are you a married couple with four kids, thats $1,800 more out of your pocket. Going to hit 8,000,000 taxpayers for thousands more in taxes.

Amount more rich people will pay, zero. They get to pay less, unless they are The Donald, who pays nothing.

Anonymous said…
Andy Cohen has a melanoma cancer on his lip. Pray for him.
Anonymous said…
Fidel Castro died with $900,000,000 in the bank. So much for his revolutionary ethic. Not a Communist at all.

Anonymous said…
CD, I love your 'Told ya's'.
Bring it on!
My advice on someone asking for an update on Trump. Don't give an update on Trump. This is what brings out the monsters and it is not good for you. Love ya!!
Anonymous said…
Give any update youvwant
We slay monsters
Anonymous said…
Why is he a monster? Did he cause wars worldwide? Cuba has a higher literacy rate than America and the rest of the world.
Anonymous said…
He's a monster because he had SO many people killed--people who did nothing wrong except they didn't like him. He also was a homophobic bigot--and had sent many to concentration camps.

He enjoyed the spoils while his people did not.

Good riddance but how ironic the SOB died at 90 while he outlived so many of the U.S. presidents who opposed him. How's that for justice?
T. W. said…
What's the point in being literate when you can't leave a dictatorship? They control your every move. You cannot amass wealth. The Castro family is still in power, you would think people would have read up on how to start a coup.
Anonymous said…
Exactly, The monsters are right here killing people abroad for oil. Cubans are literate. They have good, decent affordable healthcare. Castro actually supported nations in Africa as opposed to what was done in Libya to steal their gold and oil.
Anonymous said…
11:03, He's a monster because he terrorized America during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
He's a monster because he was the exact equivalent of the North Korean Kims during that time. Poor, starving country, crazy ass leader with nuclear missiles. If JFK hadn't had tremendous balls, Castro would have used those missiles (he was that egotistic).
He's a monster because he emptied Cuban prisons and sent them here. He had no right to do that.
He's a monster because he destroyed the Cuban tourist industry and the Cuban economy while amassing close to a billion dollars.
Anonymous said…
Why do the A-HOLES of this world live for so long?
Matilda x
Anonymous said…
And yet why are black people the originals, considered monsters? It is strange how we vilify people and countries only to find out it is propaganda and hidden agendas.
Anonymous said…
For f**ks sake, 10:23, you are sick if you think black people are monsters. Look at your post! YOU are the one saying black people are monsters. YOU!

We are not taking the blame for what you think. Just because you write it, it doesn't make it so.

Anonymous said…
I didn't say he was a monster. I answered the post.
I actually think he is worse than a monster. He is a liar. You'll see...
Anonymous said…
I was replying about the post saying don't give updates on trump
I meant which ever idiot troll
Wants to annoy CD we slay them -them being monster trolls
I want speaking about Fidel
Being from jamrock and a neighbor to Cuba
I'm just happy we didn't join Cuba
Thanks to US interference back in the day..
Anonymous said…
So it's ok to have 900 mil in the bank while his people make no money and live like shit
How is that even cool?
Anonymous said…
Amen, 8:54!

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