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TOLD YA, He'll be fine, this time ...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Not so brave.......

Mr TV Andy Cohen.
Is bringing to a TV screen near you soon.
It's called.
"I Slept With A Celebrity"
Now I like Andy.
He normally gets it just right.
But this is the lowest of the low.
Although it'll be a ratings hit.
PS He needs to take care of his health.
Seems he's not good at listening.
To the Dr/specialists.......


Anonymous said…
This is worse than Andy's new show.
This is the lives of children.
This is the powerful abusing children and possibly murdering them.
This is The Clarikn Call To Action
Anonymous said…
CD is it a waste of time for the vote recounts?!
Ttump is furious at Hillary!
Anonymous said…
Also wondering, is Hillary going to become president because of the recounts??? Please tell us, please!
Anonymous said…
CD please please comment on the voting recounts being done in three states??
Anonymous said…
8:45, you've been hard at work here trying to lure us into looking at those horrible pictures. Still havent looked at them, you Macedonian troll. Yeah, I know you won't get your $200,000 this year if you dont get lots of clicks, but hey, you are still a teenager.

In the Daily Mail: There are 180 Teenagers in Macedonia who have pro Trump websites, and who infected our political process with fake news. They make an average of $200,000 each. The ones interviewed said they dont even like Trump. Its the money, honey.

This particular one thinks he's found an untapped source of clicks for the fake story about child abuse and the Clintons. Hes been working very hard to get you to click on websites or you tube videos. Maybe he wants a new Benz under his Christmas tree.

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