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A lesson from "REAL" History.....

 In the 1930's this man Neville Chamberlain. 
Who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
He cozied up to Hitler. 
Thinking that was a good idea. 
He thought it would stop Hitler from going to War.

Well, as we know, that ended well.

Now this man... "Babyfart"
Thinks we should cosy up to this man.
His BFF.
Pres Putin.....

After all Putin did help Babyfart win the election.
So what's the pay back going to be?


Why are they say Russia helped trump that is Hillary and Obama ate coming forward. But they ate doing nothing to address the situation.
Anything outside of politics that you pick up on?
Sandy B said…
PUTIN is not to be trusted so all this sucking up is going to backfire.
Never trust PUTIN he will turn on trump and who is going to suffer Us as usual the little people.

CD This fool is getting the keys to the White House UGHHH
I'm trying to get over it.. it's hard
Christy M said…
Hitler was funded by the usual suspects: Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Ford, etc.

I like Putin because he's not going along with the NWO. I'd believe him before I'd believe our current NWO dream team (Obama, Kerry, etc.). If you guys only knew what the NWO has planned for you.

WW3 has been going on in the spiritual realm for several years now. 2017 will be its peak year and then it will wind down until about 2020. It's not country against country, it's awake people against the evil NWO. And make no mistake, it's a war between good and evil.

Trump may be a womanizer but, politically, he is one of the good guys. He knows what the NWO is trying to do to the US and he's going to do everything in his power to stop them. We need to pray for his safety.

BTW, Four Labs, THE world's leading experts in digital forgery, used in child pornography court cases throughout the world, announced yesterday that they have concluded their examination of the Obama birth certificate is a forgery. He was NOT born in Hawaii. I don't know what Obama's real game is, but he's NOT who he pretends to be.
Christy M said…
Sorry, it's ForLab, not Four Labs. They are in Italy, and they are considered the leading digital forgery experts around the world. And they have no skin in the Obama birth certificate game.

Sorry, Snowflakes, but Barry Soetero is a con man of epic proportions.
T. W. said…
Never trust rasPutin.
Christy M.
:You are smart.I agree.
Develyn Quinn said…
Christy M. I feel you honestly believe trump is a good guy you're so deep in you can't see it I feel like you will be heartbroken after you find out about Trump / the humanity of people oxo I wish the best for you
Develyn Quinn
Norah Black said…
STFU Christy, you idiot. That crap you are spewing is straight out of the conspiracy Alex Jones files. I'm now convinced more than before that you were one of the most vile trolls on here, because you just can't shut your lying yapper. Clearly you have mental issues. Oh yeah trump is one of the good ones politically. You are one willfully ignorant troll and you need to go to another place to spew your ugly, ignorant remarks and fantasies. This is a site for listening and discussing predictions and asking questions, not for you to assert your uninformed insults and ugly remarks. Proving what an utter moron you are, you claim Obama's birth certificate it faked? Troll get lost!
Danesha Holmes said…
Sad people are still pushing the birther movement from un-credible and bias sources at the end of this man's term. What a shame.
Letty said…
I don think Ttump will be alive long enough to cause WWW3!!

CyndiTx123 said…
we are so sicken with Trump and his ways!! Look at who he is choosing to be on his cabinet team…..sickens us!! Prayers for safety for all with this Trump in office and his crazy team!
Also- his kids especially his daughter in all of the meetings? everything seems soooo off !!
Why are they saying Russia helped Trump, that is Hillary and Obama are coming forward. But they are doing nothing to address the situation.
I believe the real war is spiritual and programming through the media and education. But this will backfire too.
Molly said…
Thank you Norah Black!!! If it makes anyone feel better, I did send a tweet to @RealDonaldTrump to assist him with his selection of talent for the inauguration since he's having such a hard time getting US talent. The perfect band is really just waiting for the ask -- Russia's Pussy Riot. I hope he takes me up on my suggestion.
Tigerlilly sunsine:thgrough media.But it willbackfire too.
Hillary and Obama are sick people:they can not address the situation:they have jihad everywhere.Obama and Hilaary have problems with sevurity not Putin.
Norah Black:I think that Christy M. is a smart person.Which conspiracy?Who is a troll?
Wake up!Obama, Clintons,...are people which would like to have career but are too stupid for to have a career.If you want I can give you contact to the Court in Washington:Mr.Obama, Clintons have jihad everywhere.If you are so smart explain there that this is not the truth.Putin does not have such low IQ like Obama or Clintons.And apologise to Christy M.

Norah Black said…
Tigerlilly, you are not alone in feeling frustrated. Many Dems are actually flat out pissed at Obama for playing nice with the fascists. People need to understand that there aren't that many real conservatives in the GOP anymore, most of them or quite a few are now fascist or at least willing to go along with the evil to enrich themselves, opportunists. Evil can't happen without us allowing it by sitting back and doing nothing.

Hopefully our prayers will reach the same place collectively & do something to turn this awful tide. We are more powerful together.

Norah Black said… are one of the biggest trolls on here. I guess it's true what they say....birds of a feather and all of that. I don't apologize to people that smear others, show sympathy to fascists, lie, and spread propaganda. Mind your own business.
cecilia bryant said…
Monika she doesn't have to apologize to anybody just as we don't expect an apology from you. Do not demand an apology from anybody. Your expectations will be squashed.
T. W. said…
How are we to know what Trump knows? He changes his mind more than he changes his underwear.
Christian Dion said…
From what I know his prick is still small that he doesn't need support so does wear knickers cd
Sandy B said…

The president isn't going to say what they are going to do..
It's just going to happen
CyndiTx123 said…
CD- you make me giggle when you respond !! We got your back and I spoken with another couple (fellow dems) at dinner this evening and of course mentioned you…. About trump and what will be….
Still heart broken that Clinton lost and also discussed that we personally feel that President Obama is one the of best Presidents that America has ever had!! All that has came thru when he was in office…. just so much change and how part of America doesn't want the change and move on to what is right for America.. Equality, people that have prejudices, etc…. I just wish our world was a better place that we cared & loved one another -have compassion for one another… keep religion out for sure… just be kind to one another… what a difference our world would be…. That's all the mush for tonight! :) but that is how I feel…

Hugs & Love CD!!
T. W. said…
Christian, you are funny!
Norah Black:you are a troll.If you believe that Obama and Clintons have sevurity or foreign relations you are stupid.
There are also mental issues.
Fascism:Clintons, Obamas,USA police, people from us showbisnis have a problem with fascism.What do you know about fascism?
The only thing you know is that everybody is troll only you are smart:you are a dirty, fake,stupid person.

Cecilia Bryant:if Norah thinks that Christy did not tell the truth and she is a troll than Norah is clearly a troll and she should apologise.She is dirty person too.Can she explain that security and foreign relations from Obama, Clintons?They are very , very bad.Can she explain fascism?There is that problem.
Who is Norah Black?
Develyn Quinn said…
Blah blah blah Monika lmao
cecilia bryant said…
Monika: What is truly the truth? For all we know you can be just as misinformed as we all are. Where do you get your information? Is it information based off of media or from conspiracy sites? Is your information from your own gut instinct and psychic impressions? Where do you get your information from?

Monika, do you not realize how much of hypocrite you are? You come on here demeaning people and looking at people as if they are dumb if they don't agree with you. Yet when someone agrees with you, they are smart. And you always try to one up people by having the final say. Usually people who try to have the final say and try to one up people in the knowledge department have insecurities and powerlessness issues.

And how do you know Norah is a dirty person? Someone else could assume you're a dirty person just as much as you assume she is a dirty person. As much as you assume people do not have knowledge, guess what? There are a lot people here who assume you don't have knowledge either. How do you know if Norah can or cannot explain facism? Or what our foreign relations are? You don't know that. Who is Monika Oberfranz?
Norah Black said…
Monika is a joke. I don't even listen to "it".
Norah Black:you are a joke.You do not have to listen,I do not believe that you are enough smart to understand something.
Except your dirty character:"everybody is a troll, only I am clever"you can not discuss something.
Ans with Clintons ,Obamas and sucurity and foreign relations :you will be surprised.You are enough naive to believe that they good work or dignity.This is not the reality!
Laura O'Donnell said…
You are a troll. Why are you here again? To go around vomiting lies all over and talking nonsense? You can't even spell, son. Look troll, you and the other ones need to realize that YOU are the gullible ones, not us. YOU are the turds stupidly buying into nonsense on youtube. I mean anyone can go and make a video and edit it to say anything. You are not "educating" anyone here. You are merely embarrassing yourselves by foolishly claiming you know things, when it's obvious that you are tools. Since you are not here to listen to what C.D. has to say and only here to cause chaos and spread filth, why don't you take your sad sack self off this forum and go troll elsewhere, because you have zero influence here. You should probably take your meds because you obviously have some serious mental issues that need addressing. Jus' sayin'
Laura O Donell:And with that FALSEHOOD you must have big problems in USA , everywhere.Very cheap, superficial:cheap personality.
Laura O Donell:you have big problems with IQ.Educated:you need an educations,but I do not believe that it will help you.
You are so stupid that you will mot understand something like security or foreign relations.You are the one who is vomiting lies and has problems with mental issues:just like Obamas and Clintons have.
Good to know your name.I could sue you.You are an superficial ,fake person with low IQ.I will not let such a person like you to write this nonsence.Take care what you write!

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