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All he needs now is a Blue Turban.....

Here is the one and only New Year Prediction, I will do for 2017.
As the Electoral College,
 didn't find the balls to do the right thing.
Instead, they gave BabyFart, 
the Presidency of the USA.
The very same Presidency that Babyfart, 
himself claimed was "RIGGED"
He seems to have changed his mind. 
On that one now, though.
I wonder why??????
Sadly, they have triggered a period of hate....
That will make what Hitler & his croonies.
Did to the World look like a children's tea party.
Those that "FELL" for this conmans' Bullshit, 
will have only themselves to blame.
If they really believe that he'll get their jobs back...
Just look at Babyfarts business practices..
As well as those of his daughter.
Granted she's moving her shoe production.
From China to Africa.
So it's a little closer.
But the real reason, cheaper for her.
After all she's going to be in the Whitehouse too.
Then there's the long, long list of old white men....
Getting all the key positions......
Aren't they the very ones that Babyfart, 
said were the problem.
Seems like they will still be,
 but with even more power.
Do you really think he'll build that wall.
Remember he built a casino...
Oh, yeah that went bust......
So as he goes on and on.
Ranting away on his Twitter account.
Showing, just how smart he is.....
The rest of the World is laughing.
But sadly Putin is rubbing his hands, 
as well as other things.
Now Putin has his BFF/Puppet.
Installed in The Whitehouse.
It's going to be a very rough and sad time.
Mind you those "Bullets",
 still have "Trumps" name on them.


The media were too quiet, so they knew. But not to change the system would expose it, the country is divided. And the electoral college voted him in not the people.
Letty said…
The CIA is not going to allow a Russian puppet Trump to stay as president for a long time!
He is a marked man and it's just a matter of time!

what can we do? how can the people who didn't vote for him deal? I really want to move out of the US :-/
Laura O'Donnell said…
When will the bullets hit chump? I the ballpark of when you think. I know you can't be exact. Can you reveal who'll do it? Like a Russian, a nutter, another Republican, a lone nut?

Do you have advice to us for how to prepare? Or a time frame for when his stupid followers catch on?

Please advise.

Why will you not do any predictions for 2017? Will you still do email readings?
T. W. said…
Thank you for being brave enough to post this.
Develyn Quinn said…
"Sick sad little world" as the rock band incubus say."The world is a joke when out of love"

Album: a crow left of murder by incubus.
Develyn Quinn
Quinhas 67 said…
I am really scared for the USA. I am scared for all of us. I have been thinking about Edgar Cayce and his predictions. The people that Trump has appointed to his cabinet will hasten the world changes that Cayce talked about. They are greedy. They don't care about the people. They don't care about the environment. Trump is putting foxes in the henhouse. When will Trump's followers open their eyes completely. I already know that other countries consider us a joke because I am one of those imigrants that came to this wonderful country and made a new life. I am so sad about these events.
Laura O'Donnell said…
I love Incubus, especially the song Dig. Lefty, you may be correct. I guess we'll wait and see. We'll find a way to get through this.
C.D., if I'm not mistaken last two times when George W Bush rigged both 2000 and 2004, the same thing happened with the polls and the pop vote. I think it's safe to say that when the polls are off and you get a different are looking at rigging/hacking. I have some sources to back up what I am saying because I wanted to research 2004. Karl Rove had his IT guy murdered because he was going to finger him in the rigging of 2004.

Here are some sources. Please note that Salon failed and went all MSN and tried to debunk it, but their "evidence" doesn't add up. So they sold out essentially. This one is calling out the inaccuracies and shoddy research of apologists Salon. Another article slapping down Salon for their shoddy whitewash.

Kerry won, but the stole it and gave it to Bush. This crap has to stop. It's not always at the Federal level though.

Here is 2016 problems

I don't know that anyone will bother to read those links but at least most of the sources are legit. If you don't know how "rigging" actually works at least several of these links will explain how it's done.
jele6 said…
I get what you are saying, but what's done is done. Yes, he's going to cause chaos, but I wish you would provide a list of predictions like you used to that has nothing to do with him.
Melic21 said…
gee a pretty dismal prediction for 2017, god help us all! Merry Christmas to all xx
Kay said…
I'm still wondering if Trump will actually be inaugurated this January? Also, if he will lie, when he takes the oath,

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States"
CyndiTx123 said…
Cd, you did predict a lot more hate happening after the election…. very true! A little scared for us all in these trying times ahead and what the powers in DC will do for and to their fellow people… Prayers and love and protection light for us all!!!

I mentioned about Trump having bullets with his name on it, but other people just shooed me off…. like he is so well protected that will never happen… They also mentioned thank goodness nothing happened to our FAV and Best Prez Obama… Since a lot of racial haters out there were doing a lot of hating…. Its just worse than ever with trump coming into office…. so time will tell………

Have an awesome Tuesday CD!!! Oh were you able to take Lady Gaga with you on your recent travels? if not, I bet she missed her poppa when you were gone!! My dogs miss me when I leave them for short travels…. Coco seems to nip me for leaving her behind and give me baby cries…. and of course Cooper jumps on me and goes love crazy for me too…. :) Love & Hugs CD!!
Molly said…
Here are my predictions for 2017:
Net Neutrality -- gone
Healthcare -- gone
Freedom of the press -- gone
Corporate and big oil oversight -- gone
Stock market gains -- gone
National parks and protected lands -- open for drilling
Dakota Pipeline, Keystone XL Pipeline -- approved and built
Native Americans -- toppled over their fight for rights
KKK- empowered
And that is the short list....
Trump has lied and conned his way through life. Now he has our country in his tiny little heart breaks for those who will suffer under his rule of law and bigotry. Trump supporters are still so ignorant and continue to believe this man is Unpresidented (Trumps spelling, not mine) as a leader. I have never been so fearful of the evil in government as I am now. The destruction he could do in his first 100 days in office with the evil GOP cohorts in his back pocket is truly unprecedented. Such a big ego for such a small man. And we GAVE him the country people!

The biggest issue however is how Putin has Trump in his puppet collection. Trump is going to be so played by Putin and China -- he is out of his league BIGLY. Everyone knows it but him. The biggest thing we really need to do is protect our children -- NO wars for Trump. Not my kids. Not your kids. How about his trophy hunting sons going to battle for their dad. They will help call the shots anyway.

Also so curious how calm and collected the response is from Russia on the assassination of its ambassador in Turkey. Inside job CD?
Letty said…
CD I Hope it's okay to post the following:

For Trumps astrological assasination chart videos please google GIanPaolo DiCocco!! He had some very interesting astrological predictions about Trump and Hillary. They are amazing!!
Dianne Kalk said…
Dear Christian:

Has there been sad news about your family member (Dad, Uncle, Cousin)?

If so, my condolences. I've had one as well on Dec 6,16. I'm in mourning but more in shock.

Love from Dianne
Kay said…
Question: Are we losing our democracy? This is my fear because everything points towards it.
auntliddy said…
Its all of our fears!!! We reallyhave to stick together, with love and determination.
Laura O'Donnell said…
CyndiTx & C.D.,
With regard to the bullets w/his name on them, well last night on Lawrence O'Donnell, they were saying they were having a problem with Trump and the Secret Service because he also wants to use his private security team and the S.S. is having problems because the guy trump likes is getting in the way and they said that is a real problem and security breach. By doing this he is actually putting himself in the crosshairs, so to speak. So I wouldn't doubt that prediction. If trump is reading this, he should probably allow the S.S. to do their job and stop interfering with his own private security.
June said…
Christian if this is the only prediction you're gonna make for 2017, I'am going to start 2017 with a huge depression.

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