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Happy New Year ...or NOT.........

These "Arseholes",
 may all start 2017 on a high.
But by the end of the year. 
They "ALL" will either have fallen,
 from their "Ivory Towers". 
Or the masses will be planting,
 the explosives in the basement.

Pauline Hanson Australia

Donald “BabyFart”Trump USA

Marine Le Pen Franc

Theresa “ I’m Maggie” May PM UK

David ”The Pope” Miscavige

Paul Nuttall UKIP Boss

President Putin Russia

Bashar Al Assad

Erdogen Turkey

Golden Dawn Neo Nazi Greece

 Steve Bannon


Laura O'Donnell said…
Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....sooooo delicious, C.D. I cannot wait for this to come to pass. Get these fascists out!!!
T and J said…
I hope this becomes 100% true.
cecilia bryant said…
Strength and light to all light workers, light warriors, spiritual warriors and all those who fight injustice and inequality. May Archangel Michael guide you, lead you, protect you.
auntliddy said…
This wld be such a hopeful sign.
mother2anangel said…
From your lips to God's ear. Have a Happy New Year everyone!
Alex S said…
Happy New Year to you all. 2017, I am ready! Love to you all. CD - thank you for your guidance and help this year. Appreciate it.
Letty said…
I hope you are right about this! I think we are in for a rocky 2017 under trump!
Melic21 said…
Bring on the demise!! Happy new year everyone may 2017 bring you love happiness and abundance xxx
Laura O'Donnell said…
Oh I want to see Bannon kicked around some very soon.....he's such an evil snot merchant. Maybe he'll be the first to get slapped by the hand of Karma...ha ha ha.
matilda1960 said…
What a chunderous bunch they are.
I feel sorry for the world as it moves into 2017.

I hope CD and all his readers have a safe and happy New Year. Looking forward to read many more predictions.

Thanks for keeping your blog going.

Matilda x

June said…
After such a dark predictions for 2017, this gives me hope again! Crossing fingers so you're right! Happy New Year everybody!
NicQuerica said…
What about President Duterte of the Phillipines and that murdering bastard Benjamin Netanyahu? Displacing thousands of Palestinians off their land and allowing the killing of children if necessary to get what he wants. Will these two get any comeuppance?

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