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History is repeating it'self......

Trump "BabyFart"
has chosen retired 
Marine Gen. James Mattis for his secretary of defense.
Well no surprise there then.
As he's a warmonger just like BabyFart himself.
Or Hitlers right hand man.
Herman Goering.
Now if I remember my schooling.
That didn't end too well. 
It's almost beyond belief, 
that in this day and time. 
These monster are being,
 put into place.
1930's here we come, again...


JustMe said…
I don't get why he's getting them out of retirement. You mean there's no one else actively working that's qualified.
Arshes said…
Have you checked out some people making some comparisons of Trumps victory to the predictions of Nostrodamus? Scary stuff. I just pray it's wrong.
CyndiTx123 said…
DOn't understand Trump and his crazy ways!! My hubby mentioned that he is picking people similar to what Hitler has done in the past… they each guy Trump is getting in his cabinet -share a similarity to Hitlers guys….. SCARY!
Anonymous said…
CD what is trump up to with Romney? Is he setting Romney for a huge embarrassment as payback???
why is Donald Trump doing a "thank you" tour? so weird
JJC said…
Hello Christian, I couldn’t resist pasting this on here. It is from top astrologer Ed Tamplin’s website and he makes interesting comparisons to Trump and Hitler. Astrologically, with the planet Uranus there are a lot of similarities.
I’m sort of confused if Trump is an okay guy or a bad guy as there is a division in the psychic and astrology world. Some say he is Hitler-like and some say he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But that is what Trump is about - he is confusing and unpredictable, and no one saw him coming. Anyway, here is the first half of the blog. I will post the next half in my next entry as it is longer than 4069 characters. Cheers 
NOV 27
On January 30 1933, the direction of the world dramatically changed. Shortly after 11, that morning in Berlin, Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor. Hitler was a man of little political experience who held enormous sway with the masses during a time of economic turmoil. A classic anti-hero who assiduously channelled national discontent for his own purpose. And so began the Third Reich.
Hitler was Uranian by nature – the planet was rising at his birth. He had already been incarcerated for mutinous behavior, which further emboldened his grandiose plans. January 30 was the moment of power he had been waiting for all of his adult life. A moment that many celebrated and plenty dreaded. And one set to darken the course of the 20th century.
June 17 2015 marked the Uranus return of the birth of the Third Reich. It was the first time that chaotic Uranus had returned to the place it held over 82 years before. And just like 1933, Uranus returned again in a challenging square with ominous and reformative Pluto. Most people would have been blissfully unaware of any peculiar coincidence. But there was.
The day before the Uranus return - at 11.21 am on June 16 2015 - Donald Trump announced his campaign for the moment he too had been treasuring much of his life – leadership of the USA. There are some weird parallels in the zeitgeist. Yet analysts, totally devoid of any astrological connection, have already made comparisons. Click here for the Uranus return chart with Trump's campaign launch.
Trump’s campaign emphasized rampant nationalism, appealed to racist sentiments, mocked the disabled and was primarily aimed at the working class. Trump’s theme ‘Make America Great Again’ mirrored Hitler’s promise to return Germany’s glory. Trump, like Hitler, became the self-styled people’s champion through personality politics. They handed him their power.
And like Hitler, Trump won, not by a majority vote, but by cleverly exploiting the state system. His fiery rhetoric, emphasizing all of the negatives, purposely stirred such emotions, incited violence and created the division he so desperately needed. Meantime the mainstream parties and the status quo backers left Trump’s negatives dangerously unaddressed.

Like Hitler, Trump is Uranian by nature; born at a lunar eclipse with his Sun tightly joined to the rebel planet. Hitler’s Sun was in wide opposition to Uranus and the revolutionary planet was rising at his birth. Both Hitler and Trump have successful Jupiter well angled to their Suns and Moons respectively.
Trump’s Sun attached to Uranus and semisquare to Pluto, taps directly into the Uranus-Pluto cycle, currently predominating geopolitical affairs. Hitler too was born into the Uranus Pluto cycle, having the two planets tightly sesquisquare (135 degrees), within ten minutes of arc. His rise came during the totalitarian Uranus Pluto square of the 1930’s – Trump’s occurs during the current square.
Anonymous said…
So sad. My country.
JJC said…
If there is a further concern to all this, it’s that Hitler’s histrionics were initially mocked as a political parody. Trump’s hysterical showmanship was also dismissed as a political joke, until the punch line became all too real. And although the evidence is painfully obvious to me now, I was one caught off guard.
It wasn’t that Trump’s chart didn’t indicate success ahead. It most certainly did. I thought that he would achieve his objective. Yet I had convinced myself that he was in the race for something other than the national leadership. Virtually to the point that Trump and Clinton were in this together - a double act for the big end of town.
I believed that business interests were Trump’s ultimate goal. That may still be the case, but he is now doing it from the most powerful position on the planet. Apathy in the political process led to 42% of Americans not even registering a vote – the lowest turnout in twenty years.
It’s an indifference supported by the fact that the loser polled two million votes more than the winner. What other country would accept such an abuse of voter faith, under the premise of Father knows best?
December 19 is the day the 538 voters of the Electoral College determine who will be the next US President. Already there are rumours of dissension amongst some. This is also the day that Mercury turns retrograde in corporate Capricorn. It does so just before it reaches the complete conjunction with Pluto.
The interesting correlation is that on December 12 2000, as Mercury completed a conjunction to Pluto, the US Supreme Court interrupted a Florida recount and awarded the presidency to George W. Bush, with a close count of 5 to 4.
Leading into the Electoral College vote, a Full Moon forms right across Trump’s birth Sun and Moon opposition on December 13. Mars will also move to oppose his Mars. This double opposition certainly suggests spirited resistance. However, in saying that, they are otherwise well angled to the rest of his horoscope.
More challenging may be the period right before inauguration day. At this time agitating Mars squares off to his birth Sun as Saturn simultaneously opposes it. All of this would suggest that he will survive any ‘faithless votes’ in the Electoral College, but that a determined resistance movement will grow leading into the Presidential Inauguration.
The world has advanced since the 1930’s. This current planetary precedent pits Pluto in opposition to that decade. Time to see through the Reichstag fires, existential threats and false flag assassination attempts that are a prelude to the removal of civil rights. To expose the ‘law and order’ demagogues whose underlying purpose is to the disintegration of democracy.

History serves as an example not to repeat such mistakes. A tyrant like Hitler rode the spirit of his times. But he didn’t make it alone. Others sacrificed their combined will in the vain hope a so-called savior, whose blind ambition in turn sacrificed his country. Surely, the collective consciousness of humanity is not so susceptible to such mass psychosis again.
But as Trump’s horoscope locks so convincingly into America’s militaristic Mars – one has to wonder? Hitler set his nation on a path of self-interest and military increase that initially made him look an all-conquering hero. But one Jupiter expansionary cycle after his Third Reich began, the nation lay broken, divided and governed by outside influences. Too big to fail, as the Soviets rapidly discovered, is an urban myth.
Soon it will be 2017. Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler and history never repeats in exactly the same way. But there are enough peculiar parallels in the sky to indicate a degree of truth between the comparisons. Unless wiser heads are at the helm, America, who have spent so long combating the ‘red scare’, can be leaving itself wide open to the opposite. Click here for the horoscope of Trump’s 2017 inauguration with that of the Third Reich.
T. W. said…
I hope the Republicans are happy when the $hit hits the fan.
Anonymous said…

If Trump and Pence do end up assassinated, will this mean that they will be considered or diefied as martyrs?

Or will it be similar to the way Muammar Gaddafi (also a Gemini...) died?

I would hate for these two monsters to be celebrated or celebrated on the same level as Kennedy.

Anonymous said…
And people thought trump was for good either way Hillary would follow the rules too. What has happened to America? CD charge your energy up!
Anonymous said…
I just heard the new secretary of defense was nicknamed "Mad dog". Help us God.. In my country a seer has predicted that Trump will resign.
Anonymous said…
If it an older American citizen, minority, vet or adisabled individual stop working and get the benefits u worked for. Why? Because, during the depression, it was illegal to quit one's job. Next, nonessential ppl such as the ones listed aboved were forced to farm or died of "natural causes". Yes ppl this happened in Amerikkka. If you can't support the state, you don't deserve to live in their eyes. Those who are employed, ask to be paid UN God before you receive IOUs, Tational cards, or confederate script. I'm gonna go take my own advice now.
T. W. said…
They are still killing us. You are right to get the benefits. Rome had the same laws about work too. See what happened to that empire?
Anonymous said…
About whether Trump is a good guy or a bad guy, Hitler was beloved by Germans until the Nazi party went hard core in the early 1930's. If Hitler had died then, he would be remembered as a great leader. He put so many people back to work with his building plans and with the new Volkswagen factories and infrastructure. People had a new sense of national pride, there was prosperity for the middle classes.

But the writing was on the wall from day one. The book he wrote while in prison, before he gained political power, laid it out.

No one can say Trump hasn't laid it out. His rallies have told us what he thinks and what he plans.

Anonymous said…
2:18, Agree that nothing is ever exactly the same, but there are some historical anomalies that are quite striking, like the well-known comparison between JFK and Lincoln.

Frugal, about DT's victory tour, the vote recounts have him nervous. Probably needlessly, as we saw in the Gore debacle. But 10 voting machines in Wisconsin have broken seals (indicating tampering), and the vote count in PA has gone from a DT lead of 100k+ to 47K in a matter of days. Paperwork to recount Florida was filed at the last minute. Anyway, Trump is riling up the faithful, hoping that this country burns to the ground if he has his lollipop taken away.
NicQuerica said…
If Romney is smart he'll run the hell AWAY from Trump. Trump might have him killed or something just because Romney talked smack about him.
Anonymous said…
NicQuerica, Mad Dog Mattis talked smack about Trump more than once. Trump took less than an hour with Mattis to name him the future Sec. of Defense. Maybe it's a fate worse than death to work for Trump.

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