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So many have asked how come Babyfart?
After I predicted Hilary Clinton would win.
(Personally I still think he didn't win, but I digress)
What most people don't quite understand.
Is that here on this Plane, Earth.
There are good & bad energies.
Now, most of the time the Good/positive,
 ones prevail.
However for some unknown reason.
Occasionally the bad/negative, 
steal enough energy from Humans.
Usually, because we are unsettled and loose Faith.
That they prevail....
Think, Castro, Hitler, Saddam..
In each case, when the Humans.
Begin to regroup.
Therefore, working together.
as against against each other.
The Good/positive regains it's power.
So, we have to send out good thoughts/prayers.
That these Bad/evil forces a can be sent back to, whence the came.
Hopefully this time for eternity. 


cecilia bryant said…
My thoughts exactly CD. Unfortunately I've had dark entities come knocking at my door since I've been on this journey. Some through family, some through potential loves. But I absolutely implore people to trust their intuition, feelings, psychic insight, and that voice in their head that tells you "this person is not good" or "something is wrong". And ask Archangel Michael for help or which ever angel you connect with. The angels are the real deal. And if you have any doubts or worries, it's okay to tell Archangel Michael or your angels they will help ease your troubles and worries and they'll open doors for you.
The Original Sarah said…
CD! Hot pink letters do not show up well!!! Can hardly read message
Melic21 said…
Totally agree solidarity is the only way to overcome negative powers that be
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Why do you continue to champion Hillary?
She, Bill, Podesta, Obama, Biden, Senior Bush (this from David Icke), and so on, and so on, have been llinked to child trafficking and pedophilia, and Satanic rituals involving children.
Even if a smidge of this is true, and I would be willing to bet a great deal of this is correct given all that the powerful will do to hold and keep power, why not go after them with a vengeance instead of showering them with flowers, accolades, and ribbons?

Do you not hear the cries of children?

Anyone that is curious about why the media is suppressing this and TELLING us it is a non story instead of going after this is on the right track.
Christian Dion said…
#1 I am not championing Hilary Clinton.
# 2 David Icke? Really.......
#3 Iam trying to get people to see EVIL is real.
#4 I'd almost trust Babyfart befor David Icke
Anonymous said…
Cd when will that magic billet hit Trump!???
kinda like the verrerans going to standing rock! we have to come together, I would like to think that the light will always win...praying for peace for the world!
Quinhas 67 said…
I have never seen so many verbal attacks as I have seen in this current election and it continues to now. I have not liked Trump for more than 10 years after doing research on him. I don't think Clinton is better. However, the conflicting stories about both candidates, wow! I feel that right now Trump's entourage continues to send out verbal garbage and false information to the public, even this website. I think even hackers from Russia and China are involved. Trump is just doing what he wants and his kids are along for the ride. He will either be impeached or assasinated. I wish the public would realize that the politicians do not have the real power but the 1 percent that back them. We need to resolve the racial tension, inequality, etc. and come together as a community to fight against these jerks who are trying to keep us divided. Either that or God needs to do a reset of this Earth like the purge that took place during Noah's flood. I am so scared and frustrated with what is going on now.
Anonymous said…
A positive for me from all this mess in the world, is it has sparked me into action! I am one person but I am doing things within my power to help (calling gov't leaders, signing petitions, etc). I also have more empathy and will NOT put up with discrimination against others. I take responsibility for not seeing this mess brewing and promise to do what I can to stop any further damage. I don't like or trust Hillary but I voted for her because it was the right thing to do. I wish others would have done the same but now we must fight for our lives and show Good does win over evil. Sending positive energy to all who need it tonight!
Anonymous said…
If you believe Hillary and any of the democrats are "linked" to child sex trafficking and Satanic rituals (which I'm sure Christian would have no problem telling us..if that were in fact true) I implore you to search the words Pizza Gate on the internet.

It's astounding, we have evidence of Trump on a bus admitting to trying to sleep with a married woman, we have him literally saying that he could 'shoot somebody' and not lose any votes, and yet the CONJECTURE surrounding Hillary is somehow worse than Trump?

The sexism in this country is unfortunate.
Anonymous said…
Well said CD
T. W. said…
I know what you mean. My short time on this earth has been one crisis after another.
T. W. said…
David Icke has lost the plot. Hillary would have made a better president despite the people she surrounds herself with. A lot of people did not vote for her because of her associates.
CyndiTx123 said…
prayers for all in America…. especially the ones that have very bad intentions…..
I do believe in each of us having guardian Angels… mine have been helping me out with little things….a broken needle , a part of a Christmas Necklace that was broken by my GB….gosh, i could go on….It just seems surreal with how they help me…... I am so very thankful for their help and guidance…

Thank you too CD!! Prayers for your family too!!

love-hugs-blessings to us all!!
Norah Black said…
Anonymous 12:34
David Icke paints with a very broad brush, ok? Yes there are things out there about Bush Sr. that people are afraid to challenge, but OBVIOUSLY that is not the case with Bill Clinton and Hillary, so stop polluting your brain with Reich Wing propaganda. In addition to your highly inaccurate posting about Podesta, who was cleared of the fake email. So much for your "accurate" WikiLIES! You need to get educated and attempt to understand fact from fiction before you go around smearing people.
Anonymous said…
You're delusional if you think Trump is evil. Because he's pro-life? Seems to me that pro-abortion would be more evil. Because he's a womanizer? Yet, Bill Clinton RAPES college coeds, take sexual advantage of interns and secretaries for decades, has proven affairs, uses the Arkansas state police as his own personal pimp squad, quite possibly was responsible for the deaths of dozens of human beings during his presidency (Vince Foster, anyone?) WITH the help of his wife, Hillary. But TRUMP is evil?

Grow up, drama queen. If you think Trump is anywhere NEAR the level of atrocity as Hitler, you are in serious need of the facts. You are also insulting the memories of Holocaust survivors.

I don't believe you're any more psychic than I am or the rest of your readers. Usually, you come up with psychic predictions AFTER they're published by other psychics on the Internet or hinted at by Blind Gossip. I read and watch them all, so I know.

If you can't say something nice about anything or anyone once in a while, for God's sake, stop spewing your hate all over the Internet.
Anonymous said…
Uhmm that is false
Cries of children
This is bullshit
Stop the bullshit
Anonymous said…
12:34 if you want to live your life believing lies meant to inflame you and make you hate people you don't even know (or make money off gullible people if you are a paid troll), well, you're living your best life. Now let us live ours without your constant rumors and slurs.

Nothing is being suppressed if you know enough to complain about it, duh.

Anonymous said…
General Flynn, Trump's choice for National Security Advisor, has a son who is on Trump's transition team. The son was caught spreading the Pizzagate fake news. Trump to Flynn Jr: You're fired!

The Trump spin doctors tried to waffle about Flynn Jr, but VP Pence got hammered in an interview about it and spilled the beans about the whole thing. They were trying to get a security clearance for Junior!

Pizzagate has really highlighted the spread of fake news on the internet. Would not be surprised if people went to jail over Pizzagate's stinking mess of lies.
Develyn Quinn said…
To Anonymous.... December 7, 2016 at 3:26 AM

The "Hate" you say CD is spewing would imply some type of negativie energy behind his words...there's none there. But your statement is full of that. All those things of clinton true or not. Don't forget your lovely trump in the matter the list is lonooonnngg of the shit he's done. But of course ppl who hate won't tell both sides of the story. Just justify. lol.

To CD:
I was nearly dumbfounded by 3:26am anon's statement when I read it CD lmao.
I don't know how you deal with the ignorance cd lol. The stupidity of it.
What do you think of the psychic twins? Oxo

Develyn Quinn
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
-Edmund Burke-
To all:
BLOG I wrote linked below
You'll understand why I respond to certain comments
Then again my passion is expression so on can't help that Lol
Norah Black said…

If we could please get back to the subject at hand..... I was wondering if when you said HRC would be president are you still seeing that, or has it gone away??? Also, as had happened w/Gore....if one "cheats" or "rigs" as Bush did, are you able to see that, or not? I am just wondering what you are seeing with regard to you see Das Gropenführer taking the presidential chair....or do you see something else???

Please advise...and please just delete the ugly trolls, not only do they not deserve any attention, they only enrage us. Furthermore, they are all over social media right now spouting nonsense, that we continually have to slap with facts on a daily basis. It's truly tiring.....but I do it everyday.

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