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So say the C.I.A

Now I am not going to say "TOLD YA" just yet.
But to those that thought I was off the mark.
Looks like I'm not as short sighted,
as the doubters may think.


Letty said…
You were right CD!

But what happens next with Ttump??
Christy M said…
Anyone with a working brain knows that the CIA is corrupt to the core. Since ISIS is winding down, they need start Cold War 2.0 to keep the war ma$hine going. They're now calling ALL alternative news sites, even holistic health sites, Russian propaganda. LOL. McCarthyism 2.0.
dshareef222 said…
Where did all the dirty nasty comments go?

Looks like some people got scared once they had to put their names next to those comments.

Norah Black said…
Saw that. Yeah, I hope McTurtle gets in trouble for refusing to let people know the truth.

Also, just saw a show on Casey Kasem called Autopsy. I can only say that I really hope that Jean, the bitch, Kasem needs to get some serious Karma for causing the death of Casey and keeping his kids away from him. Do you see this witch getting jail time, C.D.? I hope so.

Kay said…
Crossing fingers about Trump. Hope everything you've said comes to pass.

Kay said…
Crossing my fingers. Hope all of this passes just as Christian said.

Yep, less comments even the good ones.
Johanna Ballard said…
While I still wish to comment here, I am not all that comfortable with my last name appearing...and that is how my google account displays it. And, in researching trying to change my account with Google, it seems that the change impacts all kinds of things. (Couldn't find a clear answer, and of course, there is no way to contact Google and discuss it annoying). I fully support requiring at least a first name...which I was adding to my posts anyway. I wish there was a comment option in which to continue that, yet block the haters so that you, Christian, never have to read such disturbing, homophobic content ever again.
T. W. said…
How about creating an additional Google account, used only when you want to comment on blogs?
Msunbird02 said…
Letty, Kay, CD: This is seriously "off the mark" CD. WikiLeaks proved that "the Russians" played no part in interfering in the election outcome. Their information came from 2 sources only being -
(1) Podesta's lost phone which found its way into the hands of an Anonymous member in 2015,
(2) NSA archives sourced by counter-coup operatives who are employees ("insiders"/patriots) of US intelligence sources.
The CIA also pays media outlets to produce cover-up stories. By all ACCURATE appearances, the CIA report has been 'manipulated', yet again.

Johanna Ballard said…
I wish it were that simple. I don't think I can have more than one Google account, although I posed that question to my more techie nephew. I do have multiple email accounts, however they are all connected to my Google account. I did check out some other sites and some allow comments via one's twitter account. I think that might work OK, if it could be added to this site without a lot of hassle. The other option on this site means signing up for a blog...I just checked into that while I was researching all of this.
rchjava-ed said…
For Johanna,
I changed mine because I felt the same way as you did. CD, I hope it's okay I post this. If not, I apologize right away.
So here is how you change your name:
Go to your Gmail.
On the upper right, you'll see your picture that you chose for your Google/Gmail account.
Choose "My Account".
Go to the Personal Info & Privacy tab, and you will see: Name [Your Name] >
Choose " > "
Then change your name in how you want it. Except I wouldn't choose "Anonymous". Be sure to choose "Done" once you're finished.

CD, thank you for this blog, and I don't blame you one bit for the new rule of signing our names. Trolls are nasty life forms.
Johanna B said…
rhj, thanks so much...I'll see when I submit this...I think it will resolve my discomfort. And, CD, I am really glad that you elected to block the dark energy posters from here. You are sharing your gift with us with wit and substance and I, for one, hope someday to actually meet you and give you a hug. Maybe we could participate in a workshop/gathering or some such event to share our affection for you together. Hoping to celebrate the love!...
Molly said…
CIA calling for a new election this a.m. because of Russian interference. GOP still saying nobody knows for sure -- their default position. No one in the GOP is calling for an investigation -- unless it's Hillary's emails of course...or BenFuckinghazi. We are being had and our country is about to be controlled by a the Billionaires Greed Club. It's all about deal-making. But on whose behalf? And do not get me started on China...Trump's arrogance is going to be his undoing...and ours. We need the electoral college to do what it was designed to do -- protect the American people from voting in an absolute unqualified ass-hole to lead this country. I promise next time I will state how I really feel;)
Msunbird02 said…
Molly, the CIA has NOT called for a new election, an EX-CIA operative did based upon a dubious report about which the CIA hasn't even commented; ie. it's a false flag attack on the legitimacy of a Trump administration. Nothing else.

This is the SAME CIA responsible for overthrowing elected foreign governments that's now attempting to overthrow its own - from within - by globalist-controlled puppets who seek to bring down the USA just as Obama has been busy doing. If you're so intent on enjoying the fruits of socialist government, you could holiday in Venezuela for a taste of its excedingly negative economic, social and political effects that will ultimately lead to declaration as a Failed State. (This is why the USSR collapsed and EU is in the throes of imploding.) Yes, we do understand that you require Hillary to strive towards achieving further degradation and social injustice for your children and future generations to suffer.

By all accurate accounts, the Electoral College already appears to have done its job. The cause was Clinton's lawless behaviour and unfounded sense of entitlement, NOT "Trump's arrogance". Finally, the worst possible candidate should NEVER be elected as the first POTUS.
Msunbird02 said…
Correction to last sentence: should read - "... the worst possible candidate should NEVER be elected as the first FEMALE POTUS. (Apologies for that accidental omission.)
Molly said…
Msunbird02 -- please do not assume I supported Hillary -- the only thing you know about me is that I am horrified at having Trump and his band of billionaires leading this country. Enjoy your new president Msunbird -- you will be singing a different tune soon. This is no longer about Clinton or Obama -- so move on with your arguments please.

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