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Told ya sadly, ...R.I.P hopefully

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Needs to listen ..

Singer George Micheal.
Who is presently in a "Posh" Swiss medical clinic for drug abuse.
Needs to listen to the Drs.l
As he is in very real danger of killing himself.
If he doesn't ...


T. W. said…
I will never listen to the song Last Christmas the same way ever again. My sisters and I are devastated. He was supposed to marry my little sister and sing at my wedding.

Prince and David Bowie in the same year. Now George Michael. I heard the rumors but will not repeat them. Some people are too good for this world.

I don't understand this. Why God, why?
T. W. said…
Did George not know he was loved? Please, I hope he did not die alone. My Christmas evening is officially ruined. Goodbye George. I love you and I miss you.
chocmint33 said…
Very, very sad. It must be frustrating for a psychic like Christian when he sees danger ahead for someone, but it is up to the person to take heed. That's what free will is all about. RIP George, such a gifted man.
Laura O'Donnell said…
I'm saddened by the loss of G.M. I especially loved his Older album. I'm not as sad as when Prince died, but I am bummed....he was a very important musician for the 80's and 90's especially and he had a beautiful voice. I grew up on his songs, Prince's and Bowie's. ::(. C.D. did warn us about George Michael killing himself if he didn't stop whatever he was doing, which is probably using drugs, alcohol, or both. R.I.P. George Michael.
Last Christmas, I wonder his passing on this day he was trying to tell us something. Sad though no one noticed until late in the day, he could have made it. Self love!
my first thought when I heard the news was that CD predicted it...prayers to his family!
Tony said…
I am in complete shock. I have just seen the news here in the UK. Only yesterday they showed Last Christmas video on TV. Only 53..The same age as me. Only the other day Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt passed away, the other week Rick Lake who also did a Christmas song in the late 70's. 2016 has been a dreadfull year for celebrities. Carrie Fisher in hospital too. I have never known a year like this. RIP George. Absolute shock
matilda1960 said…
Thanks for the music George Michael. On his way back home now. R.I.P.
Matilda x
T. W. said…
I am getting different reports. Good Morning America said he died of heart failure. The local PBS affiliate says cause of death is unknown. Obnoxious TV blog says he was not sick at all. KnowItNext Psychic Predictions say he was an Illuminati sacrifice. I do recall George speaking out about them. He had to sue for the right to use his own work and his name, same as Prince. See what happened to Prince?

George was working on a movie about his life, which was to air on Showtime in March.

I pray he had finally found peace.
what did he die from? prescription drugs? drugs?
Tony said…
Sorry apologies Greg Lake who sang I believe in Father Christmas. It's a very sad year indeed. RIP
auntliddy said…
George just about wore his body out with drugs and abuse. I hope he finds peace in the world beyond that he could not find here.
christian, do you have an update on the queen? she was too sick to go to christmas mass etc will she be ok or do you think orherwise?
Letty said…
George was a good man!! A loss for our world that needs more good people.

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