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I am almost speechless, which trust me is very rare.
Below is a comment post. That I had to make more public.
as it goes to show the total con that Babyfart .
Has pulled on America & the World.

If you think Trump is pro Life you must live in a tree in deepest darkest jungle of no information.
His "Ladies" have had way more abortions than children I assure you.
Some of them survived and work for him

You're delusional if you think Trump is evil. Because he's pro-life? Seems to me that pro-abortion would be more evil. Because he's a womanizer? Yet, Bill Clinton RAPES college coeds, take sexual advantage of interns and secretaries for decades, has proven affairs, uses the Arkansas state police as his own personal pimp squad, quite possibly was responsible for the deaths of dozens of human beings during his presidency (Vince Foster, anyone?) WITH the help of his wife, Hillary. But TRUMP is evil?

Grow up, drama queen. If you think Trump is anywhere NEAR the level of atrocity as Hitler, you are in serious need of the facts. You are also insulting the memories of Holocaust survivors.

I don't believe you're any more psychic than I am or the rest of your readers. Usually, you come up with psychic predictions AFTER they're published by other psychics on the Internet or hinted at by Blind Gossip. I read and watch them all, so I know.


T. W. said…
Yeah, I saw that.

1. I have been coming to this site for several years and I can tell you Christian is not copying anyone.

2. Trump claims to be Christian yet he says to "grab women by the pussy." Jesus was clear that lusting after another person is the same thing as committing adultery. Perhaps Trump's Bible is missing that part.

3. Pence defended the comment and said it is locker room talk. Pence claims to be a Christian. Well, the Bible says to put away vulgar speech. Perhaps Pence never read that part.

4. Trump does not rent apartments to black people. He claims to be a Christian. Jesus clearly said to treat others the way we want to be treated. The Bible also forbids racism. Perhaps Trump has a reading comprehension problem.

5. Trump paid for his teenage daughter to get breast implants and then made comments on her body. This is disturbing. The Bible condemns incest. As a matter of fact, Paul advised a congregation to get rid of two people who did this. You can read about that in first and second Corinthians. Perhaps Trump is confused on the matter.
Letty said…
This idiot has so much anger and negativity!
Please block this person so we do not give them the attention the seek!
CyndiTx123 said…
oh gosh…. what a jerk-off anonymous statement……. the anonymous is a chicken because he or she will not state their name to their comment… I guess they are big in their minds for posting how they feel- which isn't much since they will not own up to their ridiculous comments….. They are scared of back lash coming there way…… Get a life anonymous troll!!!

I feel much better now…. Now for a positive WEDNESDAY! WISHING everyone a super happy hump day and make it count…..Smile…. it's contagious! besides- u never know who might need one today. :)
Love & Hugs everyone!!
Norah Black said…
Whoever this moron is....I wouldn't bother even printing his responses. The stuff about Bill Clinton is a pack of lies. None of that has ever happened. This creep is a liar, a propagandist, an ignoramus, and an asshole. I am being generous too..

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