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Showing posts from October 10, 2016

NEW Reading option....

Many have asked for more choices so here they are.
NEW READINGA 15 min Audio Reading.You will receive a 15 min spoken reading.Via email.Send your photo (recent).To cdreadings@aol.comWith your payment for $100 to walk you through the process)You may ask questions, but not required.These reading take a few days to process.

Ring a Ring a PR...

Olympic idiot and moron Ryan Locthe.In a bid to save his career.Has become engaged to Playboy model, Kayla Rae Reid.After knowing each other less than a year.Funny just how close, this comes on the heels of his Brazil, woes.Well, it's all PR.It won't work.In fact in the long run, will make things much worse.

Told Ya Captain jumps ship...

TOLD YA. Money Grab ..
Sunday, June 5, 2016
R.I.P , not for long ..sadly
As the Gentle Giant is laid to rest.On his way home.I hope he doesn't look back.At the Bloody Drama, that will erupt.The "Family".Will make the boxing sessions in the ring, he had.Look like a kiddies Tea Party.