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TOLD YA, Cage rattling

Monday, December 8, 2014
2015 Predictions2015 Predictions Composed between  Nov 14th  noon & Dec 1st 7pm 2014In Hermosa Beach Ca, USA.

126    Putin     If you think he behaved badly in 2014,  just wait till you see            what he's got planned for 2015.  Mind you I feel that he is in            very real danger.  Of over steeping the mark completely,     with dreadful results.    He's completely paranoid,  even more so than first thought.    He's on a parallel to the North Korean nutter.

Trump "Revealed"

Why people vote for Trump is beyond me. Ten years ago I was told in person of a Trump adventure. 
The person who told me this story,  was the husband of the lady involved.  Both BIG REPUBLICANS,  and HUGE donors, (Vegas Wealth).  Seems Trump took a fancy to this mans wife.  To the point where Trump would make up  " Business meetings" to get this man to go to New York, as well as inviting the mans wife as Trumps guest.  Trump would make the now famous moves/talk. When the husband of the Lady left the room. When she told Trump to *****. Trump would stalk her. He would park outside where ever they where.  Call to speak to the Lady and wave to her from his limo below.
That's what Trump is. A very dirty old man, who can't handle the simple word "NO".