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Hi Christian,
I have been reading your website for a couple of months and I think you're very entertaining and believe you're talented and gifted. I looked for a place on your website to send a post/message and I didn't see anything. This is why I'm sending an email. I wanted to make a comment about your posting about the women's march. I'd like to point out that referring to women as "pussies" is very offensive. The word is derogatory and depreciatory to the women of the world. You were given birth by a woman, and you may have aunts, grandmothers or even sisters. Just reflect for a moment if anyone in your circle of friends and family (women) would be ok to be referred as "pussies". I'm sure you wouldn't want to be referred to as a penis, etc.  Please don't stoop to the President's level. This type of offensive name calling is not necessary. I hope to continue reading your postings.
Have a great day!


Molly said…
Dear Reader:
Since you're new here, please understand that CD is very tongue in cheek in his writing -- sarcastic wit is how I would term it. I wanted one of the PussyHats that the ladies were wearing and in fact the hats are from the website -- yes the term is vile but the President does not seem to understand that and we as a collective are throwing it back in his face. Lighten up, CD means no harm towards women -- he is extremely sensitive to racial and homophobic slurs. You're off here. Enjoy his blog -- its fascinating on a daily basis.
Laura O'Donnell said…
See it's people like this person that is part of the problem. Ummm hellllloooooo the guy "they" elected grabs women by the crotch and thinks he's entitled to do that. He also randomly calls people he disagrees with crooked or liars, when he is the biggest crooked, lying hypocrite in America. Why don't you get offended over the scum fascist installed in the WH and write him a letter? Why don't you write the same letter to Ryan and the rest of the GOP scum that spend morning noon and night trying to find ways to steal our Social Security, gut healthcare, destroy the EPA, and more ways to enrich themselves. Wow.....this PC crap is just so inappropriate. Now is not the time to snivel and quibble over the use of a word HE coined when he was referring to how he assaulted women and got away with it.

Don't you see how petty and stupid it is to whine about THAT??

I'm sorry, but I have no more patience for this kind of nonsense......
T. W. said…
Dear reader/commenter:

1. The women referred to themselves as pussies. Why aren't you mad at them?

2. One woman held a sign that said "This pussy grabs back"

3. Christian often plays with words and is very witty. He used the word pussy to get his point across and like we said, the women called themselves pussies.

4. Vice President Pence, who claims to be a Christian, stated there is nothing wrong with Trump's grab women by the pussy statement. Write a letter to his pastor asking him or her to correct Pence because Pence is not going to understand his error otherwise.

5. Trump claims to be a Christian yet his words and actions prove otherwise. Write a letter to his spiritual advisor Paula White, oh wait. She is considered a charlatan by most Christians.

6. Have a good day.
Sana L said…
so much anger here. getting a soda
Letty said…
This person needs to relax and get off her high horse!

If she does not like what CD say ms then she needs to move on and find another website!!!

T. W. said…
Actress Mary Tyler Moore has died.
Dianne Kalk said…
Pussy Galore was a character in the movie 'Goldfinger', based on a novel by Ian Fleming. Sean Connery was the lead actor. I don't know how old my very favorite on line psychic is, but he obviously remembers this fabulous at that time (1964) movie.
dongo said…
I think you should write this letter to the President who has executive order on this exact word.

Just a reminder in 3 years it will be 100 years since women had the rights to vote in the US.

Priorities and energies need to start to shift.

1st amendment. Freedom of speech and press..
dongo said…
I think you should write this letter to the President who has executive order on this exact word.

Just a reminder in 3 years it will be 100 years since women had the rights to vote in the US.

Priorities and energies need to start to shift.

1st amendment. Freedom of speech and press..
dongo said…
I think you should write this letter to the President who has executive order on this exact word.

Just a reminder in 3 years it will be 100 years since women had the rights to vote in the US.

Priorities and energies need to start to shift.

1st amendment. Freedom of speech and press..
matilda1960 said…
If you've been a reader on this site for two months then surely you would know the ''context'' in which CD used that word. It isn't his word, it's Trump's.

If you've been living in outer space then perhaps you missed the Trump/Bush tape where Trump bragged about what he likes and can to do to women because he's a big time celebrity and the name he called a woman's anatomy is the word that CD used...get it now?

If that word offends you then I suggest you contact Trump and let him know how disgusted you are with him.

Or are you one of his cult followers that gives Trump a pass while holding everyone else up to a much higher standard?

auntliddy said…
Im totally on board with womens march and how awful trump is, but doubt i will ever use the P word. Like the n word for some, i just cant say it. It has always been used to denigrate women and i just cant disassociate the word from the meaning. Of course CD means no harm, and if women want to embrace this trend, have at it.
chocmint33 said…
Dear Reader,

Christian is very tongue in cheek. He referred to the Pussy word as a means of mocking Trump because Trump used that word. Christian is very thoughtful and has a great respect for women and minorities. Sure he mocks nasty people but they deserve it. Lighten up, sometimes humour can help us cope with challenging situations.

Cheers :)
Jessica Dash said…
Perhaps this reader is so stunned by the word "pussy" that they couldn't get past the fact that Christian clearly wasn't using the word in a derogatory way.

Did this person not learn context and comprehensive reading skills in school?

This reminds me of the time Anna Navaro (is that her name?) said Pussy on CNN and that ridiculous conservative pundit was more stunned by her uttering the word pussy then she was at Donald Trump's actual admittance of sexual assaulting women.

Develyn Quinn said…
Dear Reader,

Pussy pussy pussy
Lickety split pussy pussy pussy
If u been a long time reader of cd's website it should be obviously his humor, intellect and personality. I mean u don't have to keep reading
No one's forcing you lol get ur head out of ur ass...or pussy whichever one you prefer.
T. W. said…
I wish I could drink one. My doctor won't let me.
Joyce Adams said…
It was sarcasm or mocking what your president said. It was not said to or about women via CD
NicQuerica said…
The writer is entitled to her opinion. Just because you don't agree with her doesn't make her petty or stupid or her viewpoints nonsense. Labeling her and her viewpoints as such puts you on the same level as Trump and makes YOU petty. Everyone, at some point or another *including CD* is subject to criticism, even if he is in the right. Being open and just listening to what someone else has to say, even if you disagree, brings forth newfound wisdom and knowledge. Leave the bullying tactics to the ignorant. This writer has done nothing wrong in expressing what she felt was an offensive choice of words. The day we start shouting down other people's right to reasonably express their thoughts is the day we need to question what kind of society we are living in. Think about that.
NicQuerica said…
Club soda? I like mine with lemon. :-)
T. W. said…
Thanks for the suggestion.

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