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Oh the irony ....

As most of America.
Remembers Martin Luther King Jnr.
As well as all those people that walked with him.
The great bravery they showed,
to make things right.
Sad to think that "We" are still working to get equality, for all.
Which, by the weeks end.
Many rights are in danger of disappearing.


T. W. said…
This greatly saddens me.

Friends, take care of yourselves and each other. Express love.

As far as our rights disappearing, that is the reason certain people voted him into office. They want to make Amerikkka white. They won't complain until Chump's policies begin to affect them. By then, the damage would have been done.
matilda1960 said…
I've tried many times to write a comment about my feelings to CD's post but I can't find the right words to express myself over the sadness I feel.

It still doesn't seem possible that a bloke who is a few sandwiches short of a picnic will be the next President in a handful of days.

What's the point of history if we learn nothing from it?

Matilda x
CyndiTx123 said…
I totally agree with you T.W. and CD!!
just sad for what was worked so hard to gain and improve lives is going down the gutter… we all need to pray and stand up to this negativity &stand put to what is right !! It's sooo backwards !! We need Equality for All!!

I am feeling angry too! I would love to be there and march in the DC area!!

Prayers to all that are marching and working to improve lives for all people!! I wonder if we will ever get good people running our politics… instead of the greedy and stingy.. Someone with compassion.

Sad that Obama & Biden leaving office!! What an awesome presidency and all that he has accomplished !!!
Hugs & Love Everyone!!
Sandy B said…
I am so disappointed after we black people have come such a far way from not having the right to vote
To sit down on voting day 2 million of us and not vote
OR the ones that voted so stupidly
Trumped thanked us for not voting in case anyone missed that..
Yes we all have choices in life but this one was the biggest choice of the century.
I will buy nothing but basics in trumpland
I will save like crazy and invest like crazy.
Unfortunately he is getting the keys to the White House.
Molly said…
So many interesting developments with this guy. Paid seat fillers for the inauguration confirmed. (200 bus permits requested for Inauguration, 1200 requested for March on Washington day after). International press/freelancers being paid for positive Trump stories. M16 agent on Goldenshowers claiming FBI has sat on Trump info for months -- CD -- Is Teflon Don going to get away with it all? Will GOP fall under the weight of their lies and Trump protectionism? Will the American people prevail or be forced endure this injustice? Will he be impeached? Will Putin succeed in planting his peeps throughout the Trump White House? Are we being taken over by Russia? It ALL seems plausible right now. Any comfort in what the future holds for America?
Exactly Matilda, they wanted to crucify Kapernick for standing up for something. And the Trump gets upset and cancels his visit to the African American museum it shows he doesn't care. But is supposed to be everyone's president.
Letty said…
I hope that Trump's presidency is cut short in one way or another. Hopefully he will be impeached once his connection with Russia is confirmed!
T. W. said…
Some pastors advised their congregations not to vote. This is sad.
NicQuerica said…
Human beings learn nothing because they're dumb as shit. Just eating sleeping and breeding, we're a long long way from wisdom or any true insight, or from learning from past mistakes. This is why we now have a man like Trump in office now. One day we'll get a clue but not before lives are lost or destroyed in some form or another as a result of this man being in power.
NicQuerica said…
Makes you wonder just what agenda do these pastors have.
NicQuerica said…
Read between the lines: Trump is in league with Putin. And it wouldn't surprise me if Trump is kept in office for at least one term by those who stand to benefit by his being there.

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