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TOLD YA, $25 million and counting

Friday, June 12, 2015

Needs to make a change ...

So as Johnny Depp.
Get's over the Aussie doggie farce.
He needs to take a check of is life.
While career wise no real problem.


Well he got rid of Amber and she moved in to the Tesla guy. She goes straight for pay.
T. W. said…
At least his management team did not cancel his health insurance and he finds out he has advanced stage breast cancer like Shannen Doherty.

Cher said Sonny taught her she needed to sign her own checks.

This is sad. That is why people like him should have their accounts, business managers, etc. audited by an outside agency.
Naime_Paris said…
"He got rid of Amber"

It's statement like these that cause me to not want to speak up about my experience with domestic violence. No matter how much evidence there is, if a man is beloved enough, he can get away with abuse and the abused will be framed as the whore, goldigger, liar, etc. (e.g. Anita Hill, Bill Cosby's victims, Donald Trump's victims, and now Amber)

Amber may be a fame-hungry, but it's evident that her and Johnny were toxic to one another. Things aren't mutually exclusive.

Why do we have to attack somebody else's character to simply excuse another person's bad behavior?

Melic21 said…
agree TW there is no way they can be on top of everything the vast amount of money and endorsements etc they receive, at least someone picked it up this time imagine how many other celebs accounts get rorted and they don't know!
Amber has a previous history of violence. I also have had an abusive and manipulative ex.
Arshes said…
No doubt for me he beat her. Being a gold digger doesn't mean she isn't a victim. I don't care how much she likes wealthy men its meaning less when it comes to abuse.
matilda1960 said…
Spends like a drunken sailor - blame someone else.

Aussie dog farce - thinks the law doesn't apply to celebs like him.

Got divorced - their poor dogs.

Matilda x
This also happened to Barry Manilow and many others, when you earn that type if money you can only keep track based on what information is given. He trusted his management company and they were attorneys. So he believed they were auditing and doing their job.

Many companies face the save issues.
T. W. said…
Yes, companies do have internal auditors. However, it is still wise to hire an outside firm to audit because it is not known if the internal auditors are in cahoots with the thrives.
NicQuerica said…
Oh for sure he beat her ass. That doesn't make her any less a gold digger. They BOTH suck. Equality, on a lower scale.

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