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TOLD YA, and it's not yet Summer

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Many more to come ...

AS the Religious "Nutters" like to say....
"From the mouths of Babes"
(Not the ones Trumps used to ha ha)

Another clue as requested ha ha
So as " Donald ""Babyfart"" Trump ".
Continues to completely deny that the woman.
Who have come forward to expose him as the sex offender he is.
Well, there's more to come, many more.
But trust me that's not the worst of his sex abuse issues.
Just wait till the "Others" come forward.
Then you'll understand the reason he choose Arnold Schwarzengger.
To replace him on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Another "Little" clue ... Ha Ha


Letty said…
He is President now so this may not even phase him! Too little too late. He will throw her some money so she can go away!
T. W. said…
I hope more people come forward and I hope this woman wins her case.
Sandy B said…
That's my dog hmmm is he into beastiality?
Kay said…
Have heard that the Apprentice Tape is supposed to be released this week, possibly tomorrow. Lots of racist remarks from Trump and calling down of his daughter.

This nightmare needs to end and Republicans need to wake up about Putin.
T. W. said…
Maybe he is the bottom bitch...
Maybe his wife found out and has disappeared, only appearing when necessary.

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