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TOLD YA.. More than Unzipped.......

Saturday, December 5, 2015

WTF ....

Now believe this or not this moron, 
 a rapper called 
(Can't think why)
Was arrested for having the intent.
While driving a sports car,
 to shoot another rapper called 
"The Game"
What is the problem with these low lives.
Oh well he'll see only one more Xmas.
If he continues down this road.


NicQuerica said…
Who is this fool? Omg look at those silly tats on his face. No.
T. W. said…
Are we supposed to be in stitches from laughing at his face? Why did he do this to himself?
Letty said…
He looks like he should be on a Friday The 13 movie!
No other costume needed. Lol
Letty said…
He looks like he should be on a Friday The 13 movie!
No other costume needed. Lol
Sana L said…
Agree with NicQuerica ..who this damn fool and also - no doubt he won't see a 2nd xmas cuz are 2 many low lives living and squandering the good lives of others. sorry to say but good effin riddens
T. W. said…
Stitches is known for the rap song "Brick In Yo Face."

I have seen him before because I visit some of the "urban" gossip sites like Bossip and MediaTakeOut.

You can find his wikipedia page here:

Stitches Wikipedia Page
Laura O'Donnell said…
I think the boy was on drugs to ink himself up like that. It's so ugly. He is hideous. I don't know what drives people .....other than attention.
NicQuerica said…
"Brick in yo face". Says it all huh? Classy.

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