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TOLD YA, WHat happens in Russia .......

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Rainy Day in London, don't drink the tea..

Funny all throughout the elections.
Babyfart & his band of "Trumpettes".
Were saying, how Julian Assange.
Would bring down Hilary Clinton.
With all the info he had stolen.
Before he fled to London.
Now, that BabyFart appears to have won.
He seems to have gone silent on the matter.
Even as JA, appears to have done an Houdini.
Other than, Trump suggesting, that Hilary.
Has had him done in.....
Far too oblivious for her to do, plus why?
But another train of thought.
Maybe Trump and his boyfriend Putin.
Really did "FIX" the election.
So, "They" would have a reason to get rid of JA.
Remember "They" have done it before.
With a "Brolly" in London.
Last time I heard JA is still hold up in London.
A prediction, or merely a thought.
You World it out.


That also might happen to Khole K's new weight loss show, it just disappears, unless it is really good.
T. W. said…
Dear God, please let this article be true. Please let the photos come out. If there is video, please let it come out. May this stop The Donald.
CyndiTx123 said…
gosh, keep reading from other sites that JA was actually murdered and he sent out a secret code that he would only send if he thought he was gonna be killed or taken - to his minions that would de code it and know that he has passed on…. i hope that makes sense…. I am still thinking this over and prayers for the USA!! NOw since CD has said it, then I am believing… such corruption !!

Trump is now here to make us open our eyes to the truth and a mirror. He may not want to stay the whole term, it may be more than he can chew.
Laura O'Donnell said…
Hmmm. So you think he stole an election just to get rid of JA? Wow. Hmmmm. Well he was trying to stop that info or other darker murder??? It just seems extreme.
Dianne Kalk said…
Mr. Tweet, or is it Mr. Twit, is obviously Mr. Putin's poodle. Where would a man who has had so many bankruptcies in the USA find a financial backer?
Therefore, DJT is protecting his benefactors in Russia. DJT has had no need of daily security meetings as he may be getting his briefings from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

On another note, why can't people recognise a person who is mental?

T. W. said…
Wealthy people are eccentric. Poor people are crazy.

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