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All that Glitters, is not GOLD ......

So "Babyfart" is all at 6s & 7s.
Seems he's not too pleased.
That his daughter Ivankas fashion line.
Is being dropped left, right & centre.
Oh dear.
What a to do.
Well, that's what happens, when the truth is out.
Can't wait for the other shoe/s to drop.


T. W. said…
All her clothes and stuff are manufactured overseas. Plus they are crap. How they gonna bring jobs back to America if they have their own factories overseas?

Any job Trump brings back to America will be low-skill, low-paying.
T. W. said…
George and Amal Clooney are expecting twins. I wish the children well.
auntliddy said…
Isnt it just amazing that these celebs just so happen to have twins? Lol. Guarantee its boy and girl.
quiet said…
what is she going to do with all that inventory left over
quiet said…
i just cant believe kelly ann conway telling the public this morning to go out and buy Ivankas shoes.

what is wrong with these people
rchjava-ed said…
I got an Error Message when I tried to post so I apologize if the post comes up a second time.

My original post:
Have you ever seen her fashion line?

CD, there is more exciting fashion at Walmart or Target. Ivanka T's fashion colors are white, black, or beige. The styles are plain and uneventful like a fitted burlap sack. There is nothing special about what she designs and then sells for thousands of dollars. If I am going to spend that much on a skirt, I expect sensational garb like Christian Dior, Fendi, Ralph Lauren and the like. Ivanka Trump can hardly hold a candle to these great designers.

I hope she doesn't plan on becoming a 'world-class' interior designer either. Town and Country did a spread on her home, and her white walls with beige couches was enough for me to yawn and be unimpressed with her bought-for talent.
Johanna said…
OT: Just returned from an evening of classical music, and I forgotten how much I love this is so beautiful I thought I share the link with you here...perhaps it will soothe your soul as much as it does mine:

Let Gloria be sung to You
with mortal and angelic tongues,
with harps and even with cymbals.
Of twelve pearls the portals are made,
In Your city we are companions
Of the angels high around Your throne.
No eye has ever perceived,
no ear has ever heard
such joy
like our happiness,
Io, io,
eternally in dulci jubilo!

~ Johanna ~
T. W. said…
Ross sells her rags. A lot of them are poor imitations of big name designers.

Calvin Klein makes plus size clothing and I love it!
Michael Kors clothes look dowdy.
She's not a fashion designer and neither is Nene Leakes and many others.
T. W. said…
Thank you Johanna!
Alex S said…
Gold spades....I want one for the garden. :)
kiminicki said…
maybe they should set an example and bring their manufacturing back to the USA problem is though that they would have to pay higher wages and therefore make less money . Its hard to make ends meet when your a multi billionaire
Kristy said…
She should be charitable and donate the clothes to the homeless
You're energy is do much better CD!
Letty said…
Cd I hope it's okay to post this.
Gianpoalo dicocco did an astrological chart that shows trump having a sexual relationship with ivanka and also that the Russian trump dossier is indeed real and NOT fake news! Check out his website it's very informative regarding Trump!!
NicQuerica said…
That's a great idea!
NicQuerica said…
Maybe her home decor is deliberately bland to counter her father's place in NYC. Have you ever seen it? Gold everywhere!

T.W. I like Calvin Klein too. DVF is nice also.
NicQuerica said…
Eww no way...! ­čś▓
T. W. said…
The incest rumors have been around for years. Here are several links for your consideration. Please view the first link. It is about 21 minutes, but says it all.

Let the evidence show:

1. Donald inappropriately touching Ivanka since she was 13 years old (photo and video proof)

2. Donald making lewd comments about both his daughters.

3. Donald making lewd comments about an 8 year old girl he just met.

4. Photo evidence of a teenage Ivanka giving Donald a lap dance (Beach Boys Concert)

5. Donald repeatedly stating he would date his daughter Ivanka.

Video: Donald Trump Says He and Ivanka Have Sex in Common on The Wendy Williams Show. Scroll to the 2 minute mark.

A 1992 Video showing Trump admitting telling an 8 year old girl he will be dating her in 10 years.

More photo and video evidence

Donald tries to kiss his daughter Tiffany and she quickly turns her head

February 2013: WATCH: Donald Trump's awkward sex comment toward daughter

Inappropriate Photo of Donald and Ivanka Posing Beside 2 Parrots Having Sex

<a href="”>Another Article About the Incest Photo Shoot</a>
T. W. said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
T. W. said…
I hope this happens.
T. W. said…
Thanks NicQuerica! God bless you!

I just found out Ralph Lauren makes plus size too.
I am working on weight loss, but in the meantime I need new clothes that fit today.
Norah Black said…
Ok Lefty I'll check it out , but ewwww in advance. I think the dossier is factual, as well. I mean, would they go through the trouble of having the one that was associated with it "iced"? Just sayin'...
Norah Black said…

Well I don't know....articles like the one above say he's a vile person, a liar and a fraud.
Letty said…
Check out GianPaolo DiCiocco YouTube videos about trump and Hillary too. The video about Ivanka and trump is on his main YouTube channel. This is his most recent video!

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