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Fired or Quit......

The answer..........
Nick Cannon got wind of AGT,
 giving him the boot.
So he "Jumped".
Good for him..
AGT on it's last legs.
He's getting out on high.
Plus he'll end up in a much better new deal.


So it works out for him after all.
T. W. said…
I hope he had another job lined up when he quit. Better to walk out the front door than get kicked out the back.
quiet said…
well good for him getting out at right time but how much high does he need. he already has money and most of his fame came from being married to mariah. I wonder if this guy ever went to college or if he got these gigs hosting while married to mariah. he will need the money for his new baby with some new baby mama just announced
CyndiTx123 said…
I've read that they were giving him problems, etc. and that he is playing the race game… which i thought that was ridiculous of the producers of AGT to say about Nick. They want him to look bad since he wanted to jump ship…. I wish the best for Nick and for his health as well. Him & Mariah have the cutest babies!!
Jayden Smith moved into his new crib and everyone is mad. But who wouldn't say no to luxury from your parents, who came from humble beginnings.
T. W. said…
Hi quiet! Nick is currently enrolled at Howard University. He is studying Strategic, Management, and Legal Communications.
quiet said…
Hi TW. good one.. his new pregnant baby mama friend graduated before him in these subjects as she is having his child at the right high note beginning of his new income.

He would have benefited getting some economics studies or planned parenthood classes under his belt so he could alleviate paying out 18 years of child support based on his new deal income.

losing his new budget/income for 18 years as fast as he getting it or signing new deal. silly men
To quiet that's how fame works
I be grateful regardless of how I got it, its what I do with that success, fame and platform that matters. But Muaw love
NicQuerica said…
Um...No. He was famous and wealthy on his own before he married Mariah. Maybe YOU didn't know who he was before but I and many others did.
T.W. that's great he's taking courses at University. I think it's a shrewd career move for sure.
quiet said…
Um...Above... Maybe what YOU consider wealthy before mariah is different than what others consider wealthy and famous before mariah.

Why educate your self if you just got new career move paying huge.. (AND becoming a new father with a non famous non wealthy nobody baby mama) but good for him. he could use the education considering his new baby mama just secured 18 years of his new income.
T. W. said…

Nick has been famous since he was a teen.
quiet said…
nick had five hundred thousand dollars to his name in 2008 before he married mariah who had millions.

On a small american scale he may have been american famous from 1999 to 2008 but not WORDLY famous.

Also five hundred thousand dollars is not what you call RICH in 2008. People who buy a house at the right location can get five hundred thousand in equity in their house in five to eight years when they sell it if bought in prime locations.

Check out the pre nup between him and mariah in 2008 .

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