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One for the Grammys ....

The Wknd, some singer..
Who's "Dating" you know who.
Has a dark future ahead of him.
If he doesn't clean up his act.
He's getting way too big for his boots.
Plus pissing off those,
 that "HELP" you isn't a good idea.
Remember those people, don't have manners.....


T. W. said…
Someone please get word to the wknd!
They will kill him or make him wish they had.
Letty said…
I had read that he is a heavy drug user. Hope he gets help.
They get bigheaded before they really make it nowadays. The talent built a fan base over years and appreciated their fans but not these new artists.
Sana L said…
who the f**k is dis?
T. W. said…
He is an American singer. He is mostly known for the song "Can't Feel My Face."
NicQuerica said…
I don't like this guy at all. Reminds me of this asshole I slept with back in 2007. He has the same vibe and even looks like him.
T. W. said…
Dear Sana, I gave you false information earlier. The Weeknd is a Canadian singer-songwriter, actor, and producer. His Wikipedia page has more information.
Tiger, justin Bieber built his fans within a few years and he's an asshole I honestly believe he did appreciate his fans but drugs and arrogance got in the way. Fame so much to do with it.

Sana, he's the weeknd he's pretty popular, music isn't bad either.
But yeah he's on drugs bad. Love his acapella-shame
quiet said…
well i had to revisit this as i just watched nbc night line and since he hooked up with selena gomez past few weeks and the media saw and posted, he wrote a song about 'taking his girl' and his girl wants him now instead (selena) ..

NBC caught up with justin b and asked if he likes weekend music.. he said " That SH!! is WACK " almost implying he uses wack drugs. i also read some where that Selena Gomez also had a secret drug problem.

this triangle no good

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