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TOLD YA, Almost 15...........

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Irellevent and an IDIOT

Bristol Palin, famous for some reason,
 to do with Alaska.
Has decided that the "PUSSY HAT" marches,
 over the weekend, around the World.
Have in her, opinion.
Set the womens' rights movement back decades.
This bitch doesn't even know what a decade is.
Plus isn't she the one that told,
 "Others" to keep thier legs closed.
While she opened hers to all comers.
While being paid to spot such shit.
No doubt she's been paid to say this too.
Never mind dear, you are at 14.5 mins.
The end is very close......


auntliddy said…
I just dont pay attention to what she says.
Danesha Holmes said…
This isn't true.
Sana L said…
who this? already forgotten her
T. W. said…
I could not pull up the link. A lot of people think all black people look alike. That is not true.

Acting talent has nothing to do with looks. Bristol can't disappear fast enough. 2016 left a lot of people behind...

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