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TOLD YA, Nazi play book

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Reincarnation, anyone ????

April 30th 1945  died
June  14th  1946 born


Sana L said…
world is going to end up in ww3 if the powers that be keeps this Trumpet in power. Ey you who voted for Trump - you must be feeling like a real dumbass now

Decisions that are made in the US are effecting the world to day and Trumps muslim ban is a severe violation to Human Rights, his decisions are extreme and its only going to end up bad. Ever since his Presidency everything that this clown does is backwards. Even his tramp for wife (ex. model, escort etc) is truly unfit to be even called a first lady. Now I've read this
Just makes me laugh...what a bitch

Im disgusted by how she ...well..."built" her way up to her so called "success" and flaunts her furnished home with 18K gold in several magazines. What happened to world hunger, the homeless, several other issues that don't seem to even concern these two morons.

Can't wait to see their fall and ruin in the end.

Everybody knows Hitler shot himself. And his wife Eva too

T. W. said…
I would comment but I do not want to be placed on a watch list.

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