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TOLD YA X2 They really are pushing her.........
Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Not a chance in HELL...

So wannabe Royal Meghan Markle, 

is about to start a PR campaign.


Well, she would like to be Princess.

Her team would like it too.

But, the Old Guard at the Palace.

Don't want it.

To them she has many negatives.

Here are a few

  1 She's not British.

2 She's an actress 

(they are only mistress material)

      3 She's been married.

       4 She's been divorced.

                 5 She's been pictured naked.

  So what will her team do.

  They will show her big nice things with kids.

Some relatives, most not.

They will have her helping,

 the homeless or similar.

Perhaps adopting a pet.

But it's all a waste of time.

Even Prince Harry, 

who "Lillibet" adores.

Will be able to swing this one..


T. W. said…
This is the first picture I have ever seen of them together and it is telling.

He is close to the building, she is close to the road. Where I come from, this is how pimps walk their whores. This confirms what I have been saying all along. Megan is just a booty call.

If the blind items are true, Prince Harry is a loser and Megan needs to run. Anybody who dresses as a Nazi for a costume or Halloween party is a loser in my book.
T. W. said…
Jazz legend Am Jarreau has died. He recently retired after being hospitalized for exhaustion.

Friends, please don't work yourselves to death.
jeannine poll said…
You speak very little about Kate and William ?
Diana said…
Oh, Bloody Hell! I can't believe they are bringing out her school, prom, etc. photos. That is sheer desperation IMO. I want Harry to be happy but I just can't see this one working. You can tell she likes to be the center of attention as well which won't work in a British Royal lifestyle either.
Aww come on CD you have few more tidbits to give away.

Sad to hear about Al Jarreau.
Letty said…
CD can you please do a prediction about Mexico and Donald Trump! Its heart breaking to see what is happening. Thank you
auntliddy said…
I too want Prince Harry to be happy very happy but I don't think this woman and him have a long-term future they're so different – geographically work wise just every which way I just don't see this going the distance

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