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TOLD YA, The End is Nigh, but we knew all along .....

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Not a chance in HELL...

So wannabe Royal Meghan Markle, 

is about to start a PR campaign.


Well, she would like to be Princess.

Her team would like it too.

But, the Old Guard at the Palace.

Don't want it.

To them she has many negatives.

Here are a few

  1 She's not British.

2 She's an actress 

(they are only mistress material)

      3 She's been married.

       4 She's been divorced.

                 5 She's been pictured naked.

  So what will her team do.

  They will show her big nice things with kids.

Some relatives, most not.

They will have her helping,

 the homeless or similar.

Perhaps adopting a pet.

But it's all a waste of time.

Even Prince Harry, 

who "Lillibet" adores.

Will be able to swing this one..


T. W. said…
I hope she hasn't slept with him.
Sana L said…
Don't think anyone cares about this one.
T. W. said…
Internet gossip claims Duchess Kate has been throwing shade at Meghan.

She needs to realize she does not and will never fit in. Anglo-Saxons in general consider themselves superior to everyone else, including other Europeans.
NicQuerica said…
I wouldn't exactly label the Windsors as racially pure.

A link about Queen Charlotte of England:

T. W. said…
Hi. I hate the word "race." God made one race, the human race. Many divides humanity and calls different tribes "races." Well, following their logic, very few people are racially pure. Why can't we all band together and help one another?
Nicole O. said…
Let's just see how far they go...but the boredom has already set in for some.
Johanna said…
CD, have you ever responded to the question about Harry's father? It seems to be an on-going issue for him.
Christian Dion said…
I have,many times. Sadly Charles is his father CD
Johanna said…
CD, you are such a, I was hoping someone else was involved...oh well. I guess he takes after the Spencers.
T. W. said…
There is something about Prince Harry I do not like.

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