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TOLD YA.3,2,1...........

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tick, Tock, said Peter....

SO the man? who is the very definition of, "Insanity".
North Korean Leader Kim Jon Un.
Is again promising to throw all kinds of crap, 
at the World.
Oh, he's serious.
But those that are in charge of sorting such things.
Are putting together the packs of,
 exploding black powder.
Required to do the job of getting rid of him.
He's so close to the fuse, 
he should be able to smell it.


T. W. said…
His time is coming. The devil get his due.
CyndiTx123 said…
Kim Jon Un is soooo crazy!! Killing all of his relatives and friends who disagree with him….. crazy!!
I am surprised the powers that be have let him get this far!!
kiminicki said…
for everyones safety he needs to go
Letty said…
Hi CD, I keep getting an image of Kellyanne Conway on her knees servicing Trump. Lol

Is this just my imagination or is it happening??

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