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Babyfart, more than 75............ MORON

 Just watched, Trump/Babyfart.
Along with Ivanka Daughter/Mistress.
Chatting with those brave & wonderful Souls.
On the.
Babyfart ....
" Great, to see American Equipment working so well"
Those that built the ISS 
United States (NASA),
 Russia (RKA), 
Japan (JAXA), 
Canada (CSA) 
Eleven European countries (ESA). 
The Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) 
The Italian Space Agency 
 China has reportedly expressed interest in the project,.
So 75 Countries In Total. 


Jessica Dash said… whom? Her own father?
T. W. said…
You win the prize Jessica! A month or two ago I posted multiple links proving this. Photographs and videos backing that claim are easy to find on YouTube and the rest of the internet. She gave her own father a lamp dance at a Beach Boys concert when she was a a teenager. The photo is easy to find.

Trump publicly stated he would marry Ivanka if she were not his daughter. His other children have publicly stated Ivanka is his favorite. Trump has stated he did not raise his own children, so in his mind he is not doing anything wrong by sleeping with Ivanka. There is such a thing called Genetic Sexual Attraction but that is not what is going on here. These people are demonic.

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