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Ready for WORK.....or PLAY ?

Khole Kardashian, is eithe dress as the,
 "Lady in Red" 
for a fancy dress party...
Or, she's heading to work as a street walker,
 on Hollywood Blvd.
My bet is the latter.
(Not the Day Saints version either).
See, even her bag is open, 
so she can grab the credit card reader quick.


T. W. said…
Who are these people fooling? Who was looking out for these women when they were children? Their mother has clearly raised them to be prostitutes. Man, I hate to think about their upbringing.
Jessica Dash said…
The same Khloe who previously shamed Amber Rose and Blac Chyna for being strippers in their past...well then, I hope she gets exposed for being a hypocrite.

quiet said…
just dont understand her choices in men. first the husband she knew for 3 months before marrying him and now the tristan guy in mid tweties who just had a baby with someone else..and she wants to marry him. aside from diaper daddy duty and playstation , i dont know what this woman and that young man even talk about. TM posted that she would marrry him right now if he purposed.

cant she find a man without a fresh baby or a wife?

Sasquatch said…
So Khloe is another one in Hollywood that is EXPECTED to sell herself to Elite? Does Kim still do it now that she's married? Her trips to Dubai (and pics) say it all
Sana L said…
Enough money to have clothes and yes wear them too, yet dresses as if they own nothing but under garments
Sad really. Some people in the world don't even own a pair of shoes

Sana L said…
Ought to find herself and learn self-respect before finding A MAN.

Its like these women live by my mothers "motto" in life, find a man and you're life will be fine.
Successful. Whatever.
Like we (women) havn't been degraded enough, we have to have another woman do the job for us.Not to mention the magazines, with all the photoshoped models (Jesus, more vanity as always)

Some role model you are, Khloe
Cover yourself, find yourself and go to college

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