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TOLD YA It's going to get alot worse, he he

Faux News anchor and moron, Bill O'Rielly.
Thinks he's made of teflon.
Well, he's not.
 I know, that I have said this before.
You won't believe what/who the next round,
of soon to exposed lies involve.
But he'll be gone soon.
Brian Williams must be loving this.


If he stays more lawsuits it makes sense to leave. Since the workplace is hostile and allowing misconduct to continue, they need new talent. Too many people getting away with things. Hope Mel B is in a better place and she doesn't end up paying him anything.
T. W. said…
He has more than enough money, he should retire before he gets fired.
RB said…
Hi Christian,

Could you enlighten us on the future of Fox News? Will it go bankrupt? Will they do a 180 and become more accepting of others?

Christian Dion said…
About a year, then Bye BYe CD
CD, will you be doing an email reading special (multiple questions,discounted price) any time this month similiar like you have done in the past? thank you!

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