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All is not well in Coleville

Once very close friends..
Harry & Liam, not so much now.
Due to the "witch" mother of Liams? baby.
She wanted Harry for her "handbag" first.
He refused..........
Prefers to carry them not date them.
So now she's pressuring the boy.
To dump Harry.


T. W. said…
Is Harry transitioning? He looks like a girl to me.
Apple Monkey said…
CD. I think you are spot on. Am not a 1D fan but noticed today Liam made a comment about Harry's single saying that it wouldn't be something he would listen to.
Cheryl seems very controlling in this relationship but am not a fan of hers!
kiminicki said…
Liam looks like a school boy she looks a bit like his mum
Alex S said…
Cheryl taking adavantage of a young lad. I am not sure if he just thought it would be a good idea to go along with it with the PR people pushing him by telling it would be a good thing for his career. At least Harry Styles did not get sucked in by Cheryl. He obviously has a stronger character. This will end in tears.

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