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Neighbours & fences....

Babyfart/Trump, keeps telling us.
What a good guy the Pres of China is.
That they are great friends.
Well, it seems that someone forgot to tell the,
 Pres of China, this.
Pres Xi, has told Babyfart to get the,
 THADD missile system.
Out of Sth Korea, NOW.
Well, that tells you everything.
Pres Xi is closer to Nth Korea, than Babyfart.
Can't wait for the tweets, from this one.


T. W. said…
How will South Korea defend itself if we don't help them? How will the North Koreans be free if we don't help them?
kiminicki said…
Think a lot of the north Koreans have been brainwashed that's the ones that haven't been killed for disagreeing.
I'm a big believer in family but that's one family member I wouldn't want to be related to

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