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TOLD YA Day #5 Babyfarts latest pick

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee.
Has been elevated (well maybe).
To be an assistant Sec Homeland Security.
The loonies are in charge of the asylum. 
Mind you I feel he''ll be fired
 almost before he starts.


T. W. said…
I know nothing about this man. Another site claims he is surrounded in controversy. An inmate died because he was refused water for seven days. People wanted Clark held responsible. Meanwhile, more police officers are getting away with murdering black people. People will be in for a shock when they finally see God face to face.
kiminicki said…
The amount of people being hired and fired nobody is going to get anything done anyway.
Lets just pray we don't have any massive emergencies that need split second decisions
T. W. said…
CNN is reporting he plagiarized his Master thesis. This may put the nail in the coffin.

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