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TOLD YA. Now the stomach route, PR

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Not a chance in HELL...

So wannabe Royal Meghan Markle, 

is about to start a PR campaign.


Well, she would like to be Princess.

Her team would like it too.

But, the Old Guard at the Palace.

Don't want it.

To them she has many negatives.

Here are a few

  1 She's not British.

2 She's an actress 

(they are only mistress material)

      3 She's been married.

       4 She's been divorced.

                 5 She's been pictured naked.

  So what will her team do.

  They will show her big nice things with kids.

Some relatives, most not.

They will have her helping,

 the homeless or similar.

Perhaps adopting a pet.

But it's all a waste of time.

Even Prince Harry, 

who "Lillibet" adores.

Will be able to swing this one..


Letty said…
I don't like the energy from her! She image herself be
Whatever Harry is looking for !
kiminicki said…
well whatever happens the publicity from the relationship is helpful to her career I guess so far. Hope she doesn't get to badly hurt. Thing is will probably wreck her life if Harry doesn't marry her as she missed the chance to be a princess and if that's what you want any other suiter in the future wont be able to compare.
T. W. said…
Stay thirsty my friends...
I used to like her but something is off, she doesn't realize what she's getting into.
Koko Nut said…
I really don't know much about her, but I wish Prince Harry the best and I hope he picks the right woman...AND in-laws to marry. Stay away from the Middleton types.
T. W. said…
A tabloid magazine is claiming Meghan's 18 year old niece is a Satanist and a Nazi sympathizer who signs her last name as Hitler. Maybe she should be with Harry, he likes to dress up in Nazi uniform.

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