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For those Down Under.....

Aussie Drug smuggler Schapelle Corby.
Pictured above with her mother.
In 2004 she had over 8lbs of "WEED"
 in her bag. 
When she arrived at a Bali airport.
She claims she didn't put the drugs there.
Yeah right.......
Not the first time,
 she had made that mistake either!!.
Just  released.
Let' hope the Aussie Drug Squad.
Keep their eyes on her.
She's hoping for a Reality Show.


chocmint33 said…
Hi Christian. I'm from Australia. She comes from my state of Queensland. She lives near the Gold Coast.
Thank you very much for this psychic insight. For ages I've been googling Schapelle Corby psychic, but there was never a psychic's opinion public stated about this. You're the first. Amazing!
I always wanted her to be innocent. But there was something about her nervous giggling when she was first arrested that made me think ... hmm is she guilty.
Was her family involved too, her father? Her mother has always been so adamant that she is innocent. Maybe the mother was kept in the dark while the other family members knew.
So in a nutshell were other family members involved too or just Schapelle and the drug people?
It really must be exhausting for Schapelle having to constantly lie about being innocent. I hope one day she confesses.
And you're right, there already has been talk about her going into a reality show. Thanks again for the psychic info. :)
T. W. said…
I am tired of the bad guys always winning.
kiminicki said…
Remember her from living in Oz
T. W. said…
A mother knows her child. Besides, you can tell when your bag feels 8 pounds heavier (3.629 kilograms). It's not like she is a body builder. If I had a bag of groceries and you add a 5 pound bag of sugar I can feel it.
matilda1960 said…
I'm sick of her already, she's only been back in the country five minutes and the newspapers can't get enough of her. She broke her leg several days ago and yet again we had another Corby headline, as if most of us really give a toss.

She gets out of the slammer and says she wants privacy, immediately opens up an Instagram account and plasters her life in pictures over it. It seems the media are getting most of their stories from what she posts.

I wish she'd bugger off to the back of nowhere and stay there.

If she gets a reality show, I won't be watching it, I'd rather poke a stick in my eye.

Matilda x

Yannie said…
Wow! I always wanted to know this, thanks for this insight.. I was curious... She has been in the headlines for years and years and we always wondered if she was innocent or not. Her father must had her set up? He passed away.. Well i hope she has learnt and she can finally live..
Yannie said…
do you think her father was in it as well C.W?

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