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Lets hope the Campanologists silence the Wedding Bells

Reality ?? Star
 Khole Kardashian 32, 
is considering marrying,
 NBA Star
 Tristan Thompson 26.
Well, I suppose 26 goes into 32, more than 32 goes into 26.
But I wonder, if he's having,
 a sex change then?


T. W. said…
I don't care how much she paid him he needs to run now
quiet said…
he just had a baby with another woman three or four months ago in march of this year. he was sleeping with another woman last year while he started dating this clown. This clown still wants him and cant find her own single man without kids.

She still didnt learn from marrying lamar the way she did.

Surely there must be some guys in their twenties with no kids she could want to marry and not some guy with a fresh baby that cheated on her last fall.
T. W. said…
Hi quiet! Like attracts like. The Kartrashians are trash and only certain men will put up with them.

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