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Theresa May PM, 
must think we are all stupid. 
The only reason that she called,
 an Election in the UK.
Isn't to do with Brexit.
Or anything so....... ordinary.
She did it to head off.
A scandal that's about to break in the media.
That will make the "Profumo" affair in the 1960's.
Look like a trip to Disneyland.
Keep your eyes peeled.....


T. W. said…
This is horrible! Why wait until midnight to evacuate people? Why do they not have alternative accommodations for the people? From what I can tell this is government housing. In America the rental agency (or government in this case) have to find housing for residents when the fault belongs with the rental agency or property owner (government in this case). Not only that, cladding is a known fire hazard. Britain and China still use it for some reason. I can't think of the other countries.

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