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TOLD YA It's only 30 mins in

Comey to Babyfart. "Just returning the favour"

Get the popcorn ready folks..


T. W. said…
I see the senator representing my area is questioning Comey. I need to pay more attention.

By the way, I didn't know you liked Mystery Science Theater.
T. W. said…
The public hearing ended as soon as I began to stream it. They are discussing classified matters in private. I don't know anything but someone told me Trump is going down.
NicQuerica said…
I'll believe it when I actually SEE Trump thrown out of the WH on his ass.
matilda1960 said…
@ T. W. I don't know about Trump going down from Comey's testimony (I live in hope) but Comey didn't pull any punches about basically calling Trump a liar and really called into question Trump's motives and integrity.

All of the panel were very respectful to Comey and didn't question his integrity at all.

I had Twitter open at the same time to see if Trump tweeted and over 10 hours later there's still no tweet from his account. I'll bet he's absolutely fuming.

Comey also called him out on the ''supposed'' tape that Trump tried to infer he had of their meeting. Comey hopes there is one to support his memos.

Of course Faux News and his supporters have put a different spin on Comey's testimony. Many of them became quite nasty on Twitter, I had to block some of them for their vile responses to my comments, they also do love TO SHOUT IN CAPS.

I don't think Jeff Sessions will last much longer.

One strange thing though, and CD may have an insight, was John McCain's questioning to Comey. I know he's of a certain age but he didn't make much sense and kept on getting Hillary's email probe mixed up with the current investigation, he seemed quite confused and couldn't reconcile the investigation into her emails being over and done with and why this current investigation is still going??

Waiting for the fall out though. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the White House today.

Matilda x
T. W. said…
Thank you Mathilda! Perhaps the worst is yet to come.

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