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TOLD YA... More to come, mind you, they'll say "FAKE NEWS"

Well, Well.about time......

So at last someone.
The family of an ex soldier.
Have come forward with information.

Re the death of Princess Diana.
Claiming she was murdered.
I've been saying the same since before it happened.
In fact 2 hours before she died.
I said  "LIVE" on British radio.
That they would knock her off.

This is going to get fabulous.........


kiminicki said…
Why did they kill her was it because they didn't want her mixing in the company she was keeping?
T. W. said…
I read Lady Diana repeatedly told "friends" Prince Charles would have her killed in a car accident. She also said Charles and his mother had one of her former lovers killed. I have no reason not to believe it. I hope the Middleton's know what they are in for. If they are down with The Program then they know and don't care.
Talkgirl12 said…
Wow I wonder if they will try to cover this up but me thinks not this time. I cannot wait to see what they will do now.
chocmint33 said…
Very interesting Christian. That link that you gave us to that MI5 guy confessing, well that story is already being labelled as fake news. Here is that link

I wonder if a laser gun was used to make the car go out of control or blind the driver? I also heard that Prince Charles' side arranged the hit. She had one enemy called Nicolas Soames (one of Charles' friends) who hinted to her that "accidents do happen" in reaction to her landmine crusade.

I think she signed her death warrant in November 1995 when she gave that Panorama interview. She showed how powerful and popular she was and that terrified the establishment. Her downfall was that she could sway the public against the Royal Family and they were scared of what she would do next. They saw her as a dangerous loose cannon.

They also couldn't stand her sister-in-law Fergie, Duchess of York. But Sarah's saving grace was that she was not popular with the public, therefore she couldn't sway the public against the Royals like Diana could.

That inquest into her death, around 2005/2007, was a farce. It was basically the establishment investigating the establishment. And you knew that the result would be in their favour.

The truth probably won't get out for years if it ever does. Maybe after the Queen and Prince Philip pass.
Han said…
What can you tell us about otto wambier and his parents refusal to do an autopsy ?
Alex S said…
There is something about the British Royal family that makes me feel uncomfortable. I am not a royalist. What this ex MI5 agent said makes sense to me. I liked his comment that if Prince Philip let himself be analyzed by a psychiatrist he is sure he would be diagnosed as a psychopath. The Royals don't want to lose control. It is what it is.
T.W - Yes, I expect the Middleton's thought they had struck gold when Kate married into the Royals. But some things are not always what they seem when your looking in from the outside.
matilda1960 said…
Sorry guys this particular account is fake news. ''Snopes'' website.

Matilda x
kiminicki said…
People on their death bed don't usually lie or make things up that's when you tend to get the truth.
wonder if that's why Philip has been taken in to hospital today.
who in their right mind would have their grandsons mother killed ?
Apple Monkey said…
TW you are bang on the money. I think Diana was definitely murdered. She did say it would happen. A year before it happened, there was an accident and a white Fiat Uno was spotted. The same white Uno was involved in the crash of 1997.
There was an article a while back that said the RAF were on standby to bring a coffin back on the 1st of September. That makes no sense unless there was something planned.
Henri Paul had been sent payments by the Secret Service? Why? He was a chauffeur?
Her body was dosed in formaldehyde. In France, that is common practice but Diana was a British citizen. Why would the authorities do that? To hide her pregnancy? A doctor treating her in Paris said that she was 2 months pregnant.
France has different privacy laws than the UK. I would go as far as saying it would be easier to arrange a "hit" in France than the UK.
There were no known paps following her vehicle. People have said the ambulance taking her was very slow and also took her to one of the more distant hospitals. There were at least three hospitals close by.
Diana was an absolutely amazing lady. The best member of the royal family and sorely missed. She would have been an incredible grandma to Charlotte and George. I never want to see Camilla become queen.
Apple Monkey said…
Kiminicki, I am sure CD will have a more accurate answer than mine. But I believe the Palace thought she was a liability. She was speaking out about things and had done since the Andrew Morton books. She was involved with Dodi and I believe she was pregnant. She also wanted to start afresh in Australia taking William and Harry.
T. W. said…
Bodies are embalmed in formaldehyde here in the US unless the family objects to it on religious grounds. This is good practice if the body ever needs to be exhumed.

Watch this video (The Royals: Royal Family Secrets Revealed) and see if you still like the royals (mobile link):
Johanna said…
I'm watching "Unlawful Killing" from that link, CD. Is it accurate? I agree they didn't expect Diana to have an independent spirit. Miss her so much.

~ Johanna ~
Laura O'Donnell said…
Well the trouble is that it is written by a less than credible source. Even the mirror would be a better source, but aside from that, the story has the ring of truth to it and sounds credible. Why won't that nasty old Philip die???

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