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Bull in a Chyna ????

As you may know.
I've talk about,
 these two before.
So this is a told ya too.
The present spat,
 is only going to get worse.
Wait till "SHE",
 starts releasing pics......


T. W. said…
Oh no! I feel sorry for Rob. Chyna clearly sought him out and pulled a fast one on him. I don't watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians. My sister has and tells me his mom and sisters treat him like sh!t.
Apple Monkey said…
Their daughter dream is such a sweet child. Chyna is trash. She had one aim and that was to have a Kardashians baby. Rob was stupid to get involved with her. He's educated and could have done something with his degree. He shouldn't have released those pictures. It's playing with fire. I do worry about his health - both physical and mental.
jele6 said…
It's hard for me to feel sorry for the guy. He's comes across as being lazy and self pitying. He's inherited a little money. Why not use some of that money to get his sh*t together. See a therapist, get a nutritionist and trainer...and perhaps a job. As much I believe
Chyna is a lowlife, I wouldn't want to be with him either.

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