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Hound Dog ?

Priscilla Presley & Sir Tom Jones, dating.
Why not?
But, it won't reach the altar.
She's tooo whacky.
He's too set in his ways.
Plus he's not worth enough, 
to support her.
Mind you I bet he's got the,
 "Brothel Creepers", in blue.


Apple Monkey said…
Mmmmm. He's been in trouble recently hasn't he? I had better not say any more.
quiet said…
Interesting pairing

I thought maybe her daughter was a little wacky
T. W. said…
Doesn't she have money to support herself? Priscilla and Tom give me the creeps.

Ladies, if you are a house wife or a mother you have earned your keep.
Alex S said…
So true T.W. I am a single mother of 3 girls.
kiminicki said…
Doesn't take long to get over the devastation of his wifes death
T. W. said…
God bless you and your children Alex S!

Kimnicki & Apple Monkey: I have never heard anything nice about Tom Jones.
Those are the weirdest pictures.

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