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Like father like son..

As the LATEST mess around Donald Trump Jr.
Continues to explode.
It is only going to get worse.
Watch the Whitehouse aides.
Fight to explain away,
 his behaviour.
Now the good news is.
One of them,
 will be in such a rush to help.
That they will in fact,
 for once tell the truth.
Giving us all a good laugh.
But also getting DTjr....
In even bigger mess, ha ha...


T. W. said…
Please God, let it be soon!
kiminicki said…
One trump in the room is bad enough
Laura O'Donnell said…
They are all dirty. Those at the top of the GOP are as corrupt as it gets. They all need to be unloaded & that party has to be rebuilt from the ground up.
matilda1960 said…
The apples don't fall far from the tree in that family.

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