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All that Glitters, 
is not GOLD ......
Feb 10th 2017

So "Babyfart" is all at 6s & 7s.
Seems he's not too pleased.
That his daughter Ivankas fashion line.
Is being dropped left, right & centre.
Oh dear.
What a to do.
Well, that's what happens, when the truth is out.
Can't wait for the other shoe/s to drop.


T. W. said…
Aren't mental issues grounds for impeachment? Can someone please do something? 2016, you let us down.

You know he is abusing his daughter, that's what scum like him do. He did say men should grab women by their pu$$ie$.
Apple Monkey said…
That's truly gross. Ugh I can't believe he's in charge of the USA.
kiminicki said…
Fair enough to be very proud of your daughter and say she is a very attractive girl but you don't put it in sexual terms its not good. It seems an odd relationship

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