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A Very Dangerous Crossroads..

As "Funny & Sick" as all this Babyfart crap is.
His latest round of "Penis Envy". 
Is about to cause Worldwide troubles.
No I am not saying he'll "NUKE" Kimmy.
But, he is going to start something that he can't stop. 
He is MENTAL.......
He simply has never been told no in his life.
To which you end up with this spoilt brat.
Who beleives everyone else is wrong.
So by default he's right.
Well, in New York real estate, that may be true.
But in the "REAL WORLD".
Not so....
Babyfart, doesn't understand that Kimmy.
Has nothing at all to loose.
But, with this spat, he has everything to gain.
Let's just hope, that one grown up in the Whitehouse.
Is alive and awake...
I sadly, am beginning to think not..... 


kiminicki said…
more good news!
the people who voted for him must be patting themselves on the back.
Ive still got the ww2 air raid shelter in the garden guess theres not much point renovating it.
Hazel Cowie said…
Off topic but I've noticed T.W. hasn't commented in a while.
Hope you're off on holiday and not unwell ;-)
CyndiTx123 said…
Yeah, what happened to TW ???? Hope and pray she is all right!!

So CD- when is trump getting out of office- he is such a nutter!!!!

Hugs - mom visiting me - so can type a lot! have to go! Have a great Friday Folks!!
I notice that about t.w. as well. Been missing for awhile
T. W. said…
Just wanted to say hello and I have returned! Thank you for all your warm thoughts and well wishes.

As for Kim Jong he is going to point the finger and say "See what America did? I told you about America!"

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