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May not get to see 2018

Sonja Morgan "star" of RHONY.
Needs to get herself into rehab asap.
If not she simply won't make it.
She's on a road to total destruction.
It's nit only drink & drugs.
But amaing stress in her private life.
She seems to thisnk that she's fooling people.
Even her bosses, ANDY COHEN ?
How about thinking about her, Andy.
Instead of fucking ratings....


quiet said…
Gosh.. what a Hot Mess.I dont watch the show so not familiar with this person but this pic almost looks like Madonna today at 58 if she would have never taken care of herself. The clothes or lack of on this visibly mature human is horrendous in this pic.
Apple Monkey said…
Quiet - your comment especially the last line made me laugh.
Jokes aside I do hope she gets help as she has a daughter.
T. W. said…
quiet, you are so funny, I thought that was Madonna too!

I do not like Andy Cohen, he gives off VERY BAD vibes. I pray Sonja receives help today if she hasn't already.

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