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TOLD YA, PATTINSON says" Bye Bye" Twigs.....

Here we go again........

So many of you are asking,
in the comment section of other predictions.
About this..
Robert Pattinson dating some Pop Singer called "Twigs"
Seems they were spotted holding hands,
 in Venice Beach.
(Just up the road for from me)
Some of you have also reminded  me that I predicted the Robbie Boy.
Would this year meet the
True I did.
I still do.
Just not this one.
This is another PR event.
If you remember I also said.
That the one wouldn't be in the public eye, 
more behind the scenes.
Before you write,
to tell me why would he does this.
It's not what he wants.
It's what his "PR" team say.
What the "PR" team says goes.
That's why it's called


T. W. said…
Robert's career has not been helped by this PR stunt. He needs a new team. Time to call Pimp Mama Kris. I don't like her but she is no fool.
NicQuerica said…
CD, perhaps you should also add that "The One" for Pattinson isn't going to be any of the obsessive weirdos who keep bombarding you with questions about him. Because that's really what some of them want to know, believe it or not. Strange but true.
CyndiTx123 said…
Can't wait till he meets the one... I think that would be good for him and well being.
T. W. said…
I had not thought of that NicQuerica. I hope you post more often. I miss your insightful comments.
kiminicki said…
Don't understand what good PR came out of this seemed a very inplausible pairing
Katelyn said…
HA! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it, CD you never cease to amaze me.
Nya said…
well whoever she is you're really lucky ;)

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